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Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

by Sadhguru  

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BESTSELLER  “Full of valuable insights to guide you.”—WILL SMITH “Thoughtful and life-affirming . . . a must-read.”—TONY ROBBINS “This book will put you back in charge of your own life.”—TOM BRADY A new perspective on the overused and misunderstood concept of “karma” that offers the key to happiness and enlightenment, from the world-renowned spiritual master Sadhguru. What is … Read More

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Sarah and the Doctor (Prairie Tales Book 1)

by Kit Morgan  

Sarah Clemmons had parents who wanted only the best for her. Their best being Oswald Petite. He had money and position. What more could a girl want? But Sarah did want more. A lot more. She had a healing touch and wanted to use it. Her parents thought the notion silly. She thought it practical. But what would Oswald think? … Read More

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Cast the First Stone: A captivating Yorkshire saga of friendship and family secrets (Yorkshire Sagas Book 1)

by Margaret Thornton  

A secret from her past threatens the new life she has built… Fiona Norwood, the new rector’s wife, has caused quite a stir in the close-knit parish community of Aberthwaite. With her glossy blonde hair, fashionable clothes and lavish use of make-up, she is not what the rural Yorkshire community expected, and her ideas to modernise the parish do not … Read More

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Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone Book 1)

by Tanya Anne Crosby  

“Magical from the very start.” —InD’Tale Reviews Embark on a journey into magical Medieval Scotland, to a time when the shadowy Picts are in peril of vanishing from the annals of history, and Scotland itself will arise as a nation from the ashes of betrayal. A Clash of Clans. From the Borderlands to the Highlands, Scotland’s seven kingdoms are in … Read More

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The Billionaire’s Marriage Pact: Best Friends to More Clean Romance (Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance Series Book 1)

by Melody Archer  

A Best Friends to More Clean Romance… A Billionaire software developer impatient to claim his inheritance, a childhood friend determined to save her late father’s ranch, and a marriage of convenience. Adam Stevenson, must marry in 30 days to receive his great-grandfather’s inheritance. The walls around Adam’s heart, won’t let him fall in love. He fears being responsible for another … Read More

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Down Stepney Way (The East End Sagas Book 1)

by Sally Worboyes  

What will happen when the truth finally comes out? Blackshirts march through the East End in 1930s London and the Jewish community is under threat of violence. In the midst of this, Jessie Warner discovers a family secret and turns to her mother for answers – but she is met with silence. Over in Bethnal Green, Hannah Blake reluctantly joins … Read More

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Billionaire Lumberjack: A Standalone Billionaire Mountain Man Forced Proximity Romance (Lumberjacks in Love Book 1)

by Gwyn McNamee  

Rescued by the billionaire lumberjack… Lost. Alone. Freezing on the side of a desolate mountain in a massive snowstorm. Until a rugged man with an ax saves me. Waking in his warm, comfortable bed leaves more than one question. How did I get here? Where are my clothes? And who is this handsome recluse with striking dark eyes and a … Read More

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A Tale of Treachery: Darkest Dynasty Book One

by Mellie T. Tollem  

Dahlia has spent her life running from a monster, only to fall into another’s path. It’s been ten years since she escaped the darkness. Ten years spent hiding her magic in a kingdom where magic is outlawed. Despite neglecting that side of herself, Dahlia is happy with the life she’s built in Cambriel. Not only is she on the fast … Read More

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Child of the Flames (The Seven Signs Book 1)

by D.W. Hawkins  

From the ashes, a fearsome blade arises. The Galanian Empire’s soldiers strike at dawn, armed with steel and insatiable cruelty. In their quest for an ancient relic, they extinguish Shawna Llewan’s family, leaving her world in smoldering ruins. But fire is the birthplace of the fiercest blades. Bearing her mother’s heirloom—the very artifact that brought doom upon her family—Shawna embarks … Read More

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Twice Bitten (New Moon Series Book 1)

by Belle Harper  

For seventeen years Alexis “Lexi” Turner has been running. From foster homes, creeps on the street and the law. Lexi is a survivor, she has spent her whole life moving from one abusive foster home to the next, until she decided to take charge of her own life. Living in abandoned buildings, couch surfing and working at a strip clubs … Read More

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Who She Was: Book 1 (Sylvia Wilcox Mysteries)

by Braylee Parkinson  

A Riveting Mystery! Dive into the gripping world of P.I. Sylvia Wilcox as she unravels the cold case murder of Liza Stark, a seemingly ordinary suburban housewife found dead in the wrong part of town. With every secret uncovered and lie exposed, Sylvia is drawn deeper into a web of deceit that spans from the gritty streets of Detroit to … Read More

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Under the Lights (Field Party Book 2)

by Abbi Glines  

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In the follow-up to Abbi Glines’s #1 New York Times bestseller Until Friday Night – which bestselling author Kami Garcia called ‘tender, honest, and achingly real’ – three teens from a small southern town are stuck in a dramatic love triangle. Willa can’t erase the bad decisions of her past that led her down the path she’s on now. But she can fight for … Read More

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Five Things (Braylee University Book 1)

by Violet Paine  

“Promise me a lifetime …” After two years of living in the shadows, I force myself to leave my protective bubble and move to college. When I get there though, and come face to face with the casualty of the greatest mistake of my life, I have to wonder whether I’ve made the right decision. But then, as time moves … Read More

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Knock Knock: An absolutely pulse-racing, heart-stopping crime thriller (Detectives Lockhart and Green Book 1)

by Chris Merritt  

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Wow. I absolutely loved this book!… I was not able to put it down from the moment I started it, so much so that I devoured it in just two days.’ Goodreads reviewer Natasha Mayston wasn’t expecting anyone to knock on her door so late at night. And she has no idea that the face staring back at her … Read More

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Sins of the Fathers: A Charlie & Simm Mystery

by A.J. McCarthy  

“McCarthy perfectly weaves together suspense, dangers, and an intriguing storyline that will compel readers from start to finish…an enthralling and energetic writing style that is sure to enrapture any reader.” –The Red-headed Book Lover Charlene Butler, a.k.a. Charlie, is beautiful, independent, and a successful pub owner in downtown Montreal, but prefers not to discuss her past, or the main reason … Read More

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Hard Choices: A Memoir

by Hillary Rodham Clinton  

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Beginner’s Luck: A funny and feel-good romance (Chance of a Lifetime Book 1)

by Kate Clayborn  

When three friends buy a lottery ticket, they never suspected that, for each of them, love will be the biggest win of all A scientist with a quiet, steady job at a university, Kit Averin’s sudden windfall changes nothing, with one exception: the fixer-upper she plans to buy, her first and only real home. It’s more than enough to keep … Read More

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Refuting Rabbinic Objections to Christianity & Messianic Prophecies (Jewish-Christian Relations Book 2)

by Eitan Bar  

Jewish people are smart and educated, as are their arguments and objections to Christianity! In this book, you will be introduced to the top Jewish objections to Christianity (reasons Jews give for rejecting Jesus) and Dr. Eitan Bar’s rebuttal. For us Jews who grew up in Israel, Jesus and His word were never part of the conversation. Not in our … Read More

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The Unhappy Medium: A Supernatural Comedy. Book 1

by T. J. Brown  

NEWTON BARLOW THOUGHT HE KNEW EVERYTHING. NOW… HE KNOWS BETTER. Meet the ultra-rational Dr. Newton Barlow. Cool, cynical, and scientific, he’s the last man you’d want to be a bridge between the living and the dead. But with his academic reputation in tatters, and nothing to lose but his few remaining marbles, the great skeptic is about to discover that … Read More

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Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder

by Jerry Bledsoe  

The “riveting” #1 New York Times bestseller: A true story of three wealthy families and the unbreakable ties of blood (Kirkus Reviews).   The first bodies found were those of a feisty millionaire widow and her daughter in their posh Louisville, Kentucky, home. Months later, another wealthy widow and her prominent son and daughter-in-law were found savagely slain in Winston-Salem, … Read More

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Gone to Sea in a Bucket (A Harry Gilmour Novel Book 1)

by David Black  

Like all young men of a certain age, Harry Gilmour had his own notion of how a naval battle should be. This wasn’t it. Norway, 1940: Sub Lieutenant Harry Gilmour’s first encounter with battleship action is not the adventure he had hoped for. Faced with a thankless task and ill equipped to handle it, Gilmour’s inexperience leads to a damning … Read More

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One Summer’s Night: A heart-warming, feel good romantic read (Kelsey Anderson Book 1)

by Kiley Dunbar  

The path of true love never did run smooth…did it? Kelsey Anderson is stuck in a rut so big, she’ll need a 4-wheel drive to get out. She’s just been made redundant from her dead-end job, and boyfriend Fran is so busy climbing up the career ladder that he’s forgotten how to have fun. She needs to change her life … Read More

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Unsaid: A Novel

by Neil Abramson  

In this USA Today bestselling debut novel, Neil Abramson explores the beauty and redemptive power of human-animal relationships and the true meaning of communication in all of its diverse forms. As a veterinarian, Helena was required to choose when to end the lives of the terminally ill animals in her care. Now that she has died, she is afraid to … Read More

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Dervishes Don’t Dance: A Dark & Humorous Urban Fantasy Adventure (Valkyrie Bestiary Book 2)

by Kim McDougall  

Sometimes you just need to hug your fire dervish. Like when he protects you from brownies. Or goes down into the scary basement with you because he’s proud to be your apprentice. Or when he saves the world. Kyra Greene, pest controller to the extraordinary is back with a new adventure! A Guardian is dead. Fae are missing. And someone … Read More

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On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society

by Dave Grossman  

A controversial psychological examination of how soldiers’ willingness to kill has been encouraged and exploited to the detriment of contemporary civilian society.   Psychologist and US Army Ranger Dave Grossman writes that the vast majority of soldiers are loath to pull the trigger in battle. Unfortunately, modern armies, using Pavlovian and operant conditioning, have developed sophisticated ways of overcoming this … Read More

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