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After Stalingrad: Seven Years as a Soviet Prisoner of War

by Adelbert Holl  

The battle for Stalingrad has been studied and recalled in exhaustive detail ever since the Red Army trapped the German 6th Army in the ruined city in 1942. But most of these accounts finish at the end of the battle, with columns of tens of thousands of German soldiers disappearing into Soviet captivity. Their fate is rarely described. That is … Read More

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Dark Witch (The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Book 1)

by Nora Roberts  

Iona Sheehan has always felt a powerful connection to Ireland. So when her beloved grandmother confesses an extraordinary family secret, she can’t resist visiting County Mayo to discover the truth for herself. Arriving at the atmospheric Castle Ashford, Iona is excited to meet her enigmatic cousins, Connor and Branna O’Dwyer. And when she lands a job at the local riding … Read More

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The Luckless: A MMORPG and LitRPG Online Adventure (Second Age of Retha Book 1)

by A. M. Sohma  

Welcome to Retha, the full submersion video game where you can be the hero of your own adventure. Unfortunately for Kit, it only takes one moment to turn the game into a nightmare. When Chronicles of Retha experiences a software malfunction, Kit—a disenchanted veteran player—is stuck in the game without a way to log off. Even worse, she’s trapped playing … Read More

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by Casey Bartsch  

Fifteen years ago, the small town of Pleasure, Wisconsin’s innocence was stolen by a young boy. Now, he is back, leaving a trail of bloody carnage in his wake. The media has dubbed him Strawberries, and the country is mesmerized. Detective Harry Bland is a broken man, and can’t find a single clue to catch him. It doesn’t help that … Read More

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by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley  

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by the English author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley that tells the story of a young science student Victor Frankenstein, who creates a grotesque but sentient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition of the novel was published anonymously in London … Read More

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THE WEDDING FEAST TRILOGY: The Wedding Feast/Tethered/The Last of the Neanderthals: Humorous horror

by Jonathan Pidduck  

The humorous horror trilogy: available here as one box-set (though the titles below are also available individually elsewhere on Amazon). THE WEDDING FEAST Philip awakes, naked and chained to the floor by wrist and ankle, in the ramshackle dwelling of a family of murderous inbreds. His only hope of rescue lies with Matilda, their hideously deformed and needy daughter, who … Read More

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Death Must Go On!

by Mac Fletcher  

Death Must Go On! Synopsis Life seems too good in picturesque Froxwell, though the healthy nature of the village doesn’t suit everyone. Embittered by recent lack of trade, undertaker ‘Snuffy’ Bedford conspires with cronies in a bid to fund their early retirement. The local GP’s reluctance to participate presents a stumbling block, though events seem bent on derailing his morals.Along … Read More

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The Trade: Second Edition

by Thomas Kirkwood  

Small candles nestled in a silver candelabrum are ceremoniously lit to announce the start of a medieval auction. Sadly, however, we are not in the middle ages but in the first decade of this century. The auction is a nightly event somewhere in Eastern Europe. On the block are naked teenage girls, the latest casualties of the global flesh market. … Read More

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Christmas at the Castle (Ever After series Book 3)

by Melissa McClone  

A royal wedding. A meddlesome mother. An unexpected union. A European getaway during the Christmas holiday is exactly what veterinarian Katrina "Kat" Parsons needs. She can’t wait to be a bridesmaid in her childhood friend’s royal wedding, but she hopes to steer clear of the bride’s arrogant older brother. Crown Prince Guillaume wants his younger sister’s wedding day to be … Read More

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The Prize

by Perry Comer  

The task is simple. "Deliver the prize to the Admiral in Antigua." But nothing’s simple for Lieutenant Donland as the leaking ship sinks beneath his feet. Aboard is a young boy with no memory that the French desperately want to capture. Donland’s first command may well be his only command as he fights off traitors, spies and a young woman … Read More

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Guardian of Werewolf Keep (Werewolf Keep Trilogy Book 1)

by Nhys Glover  

Philomena Davenport is shocked at her first sight of Breckenhill Keep, the monstrous ruin she had inherited from the father who had deserted her as a child. Even more shocking was the mysterious stipulation in the will that required her to remain at the Keep for three months, before she could claim her inheritance. How could she do that when … Read More

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How to Save an Undead Life (The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy Book 1)

by Hailey Edwards  

The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy, Book 1 Grier Woolworth spends her nights weaving spooky tales of lost souls and tragedies for tourists on the streets of downtown Savannah. Hoop skirt and parasol aside, it's not a bad gig. The pay is crap, but the tips keep the lights on in her personal haunted mansion and her pantry stocked with ramen. … Read More

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The Purrfect Plan (Australian Shifters Book 1)

by Angela Castle  

Fed up with men, but wanting a baby, Storm Wellington decides to take matters into her own hands, randomly selecting an obscure little town to find an unknowing sperm donor. Unknowingly, Storm walks into a town run and owned by big cat shifters. River Black, Alpha of Blacktown can’t believe his luck, finding his mate in his own town, even … Read More

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Every Five Minutes

by Bronwyn Elsmore  

A woman, a man, a white dog. The woman calls herself Gina, but it may not be her real name. The woman calls the man Mr Chipzenburger – definitely not his name. The dog is less complicated and is happy to answer to Electra. Their story will make you laugh and cry. A B.R.A.G. Medallion book.Reviewers say –“I adored this … Read More

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The Dispossessed (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

by Ursula K. Le Guin  

The Principle of Simultaneity is a scientific breakthrough which will revolutionize interstellar civilization by making possible instantaneous communication. It is the life work of Shevek, a brilliant physicist from the arid anarchist world of Anarres. But Shevek’s work is being stifled by jealous colleagues, so he travels to Anarres’s sister-planet Urras, hoping to find more liberty and tolerance there. But … Read More

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Faith: A killer who can control your mind… (Marcus Kline Book 3)

by Chris Parker  

WHAT IF THOUGHTS COULD KILL? The time has come for Ethan Hall, serial killer and master hypnotist, to be tried in Crown Court. And the result is far from certain. The unanswered question remains: How do you prevent a destructive master hypnotist from wreaking havoc in a Crown Court trial? For Marcus Kline, the world’s leading authority on communication and … Read More

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The Du Lac Chronicles: Book 1

by Mary Anne Yarde  

N.N.Light’s Book Heaven Award for Best Romance 2016. Circle of Books, Ring of Honor Award 2016. Golden Book Award Finalist 2017. Discovered Diamond Award 2017. A generation after Arthur Pendragon ruled, Briton lies fragmented into warring kingdoms and principalities. Eighteen-year-old Alden du Lac ruled the tiny kingdom of Cerniw. Now he half-hangs from a wooden pole, his back lashed into … Read More

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Spaghetti Junction: A Napoleon Clancy Book, Volume 1

by James Dargan  

SPAGHETTI JUNCTION, A NAPOLEON CLANCY BOOK, VOLUME 1 It’s two men against a whole world of criminality. They’re Batman and Robin without the masks, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza minus the windmills, Holmes and Watson with not a clue in sight. Meet Napoleon ‘Nappy’ Clancy – ex Birmingham bobbie and Cleveland cop and now a private detective, trying to make … Read More

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She’s Not Herself: A psychotherapist’s journey into and beyond her mother’s mental illness

by Linda Appleman Shapiro  

On the surface, her childhood seemed normal—even idyllic. Linda grew up in the iconic immigrant community of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, with her parents and a gifted older brother. But she spent her days at home alone with a mother who suffered major bouts of depression. At such times, young Linda was told, "Your mother…she’s not herself today." Those words did … Read More

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Forgotten Kingdom (The Winter Court Chronicles Book 1)

by Stephany Wallace  

THREE BROTHERS. A POWERFUL KINGDOM.A SECRET THAT COULD DESTROY IT ALL. As the exemplary son of the Dark King of the Winter Court, and next in line for the crown, Kyr Gaerrath has devoted the last seven thousand years of his life, to becoming the implacable ruler his king demands of him. Commanding the Dark Army and employing all of his … Read More

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Watercolours in the Rain (The South Devon Duo Book 2)

by Jo Lambert  

WATERCOLOURS IN THE RAINWhat happens to the future when past and present collide? JESS: Six years ago Jess’s relationship with Talún Hansen was torn apart by one night of deception. He disappeared from Lynbrook village and she headed for university vowing never to let anyone break her heart again. Currently teaching in Oxford, Jess returns from holiday to an unexpected … Read More

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Noël: Book One of The Magpie Cottage Chronicles

by Cressida Ellen Schofield  

Bring your baggage home for the holidays! It should be the most wonderful time of the year but for the Binghams of Magpie Cottage it’s not so much deck the halls as deck your relative. Margaret wants to create the perfect family Christmas Bernard wants some peace & quiet to enjoy his retirement Becca wants her ex-boyfriend to call Natalie … Read More

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Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series Book 2)

by S. Nelson  

I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her. Cliché I know, but it was the truth. Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all. Consequences be damned. Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his … Read More

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The Scavenger’s Daughter: A Tyler West Mystery

by Mike McIntyre  

"A superb writer"–Los Angeles Times Disgraced journalist Ty West is desperate for a scoop that will save his career. When he investigates a series of shocking murders among San Diego’s elite, he uncovers a common link–torture devices last used during the Spanish Inquisition. Plunged into a mysterious world of medieval scholars, antiquities collectors and sadomasochists, Ty scrambles to unmask the … Read More

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Mating Season (Morgan Clan Bears, Book 1)

by Theresa Hissong  

Mating SeasonMorgan Clan Bears, Book 1 Drake Morgan has kept his family secret from the humans for eternity, having no desire to put their existence out into the open like the other shifterkind. He lives a solitary life with his two brothers hidden on his farm deep in the backwoods of Northern Mississippi. Every spring, their bears call to prepare … Read More

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Nothing Lasts Forever

by Maureen Lee  

A warm-hearted story of one idyllic summer and four very different women – from the bestselling author of MOTHER OF PEARL. Brodie Logan’s seemingly idyllic life with her once-loving husband is suddenly turned upside down – so she moves to a big shared house in Liverpool, and there meets a remarkable group of people. Twenty-five-year-old Diana seems so innocent and … Read More

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End of Days: Con Law II (Professor John Bookman Book 2)

by Mark Gimenez  

Fifty ATF agents raid a remote compound outside Waco, Texas, at dawn to execute search and arrest warrants. The search warrant identifies two .50-caliber Browning Machine Guns; the arrest warrant names Jesus Christ. The ATF agents don’t make it to the front doors. Ninety miles south in Austin, Professor John Bookman reads a letter from an old woman whose daughter … Read More

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Never Rest: a serial killer thriller you don’t want to miss

by Jon Richter  

Looking for a dark and gripping serial killer thriller? Then you’ll love Jon Richter’s Never Rest. Chris Sigurdsson has left the police force to start his own detective agency in London.  He and his assistant, Priya, have built a strong reputation, and their casebook for the coming months is full. But Sigurdsson’s mind drifts back to his time as a Detective Inspector, … Read More

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Coleman’s Laws: Twelve essential medical secrets which could save your life

by Dr Vernon Coleman  

"Trusting your doctor can be lethal. Dr Vernon Coleman, one of the world’s leading experts, has defined 12 simple rules; each one of which could save your life. Easy to read, this could be the most important book in your life."Dr Coleman’s laws of medicine have been carefully formulated over 40 years of practising and writing about health care. Here’s … Read More

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by Tegon Maus  

After 27 years as a newspaper man, Peter Anderson’s career is slipping away, at least it was, until he stumbled upon the story of a lifetime. Sent to do a fluff piece about lights in the night sky over Arizona, he discovers far more than he ever expected when he comes upon a mysterious young woman held prisoner in a … Read More

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Not Without You

by Harriet Evans  

If you don’t learn from history …You’re destined to repeat it Not without you, she’d said. And I’d let her down… Hollywood, 1961: when beautiful, much-loved movie star Eve Noel vanishes at the height of her fame, no-one knows where, much less why. Fifty years later, another young British actress, Sophie Leigh, lives in Eve’s house high in the Hollywood … Read More

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