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An Unquiet Ghost (Mina Scarletti Mystery)

by Linda Stratmann  

A Victorian mystery with a strong female investigator! Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie and Antonia Hodgson… A family is being torn apart by rumours of a murderer in their midst. Can Mina solve the mystery and lay the ghosts to rest? Brighton, 1871. Mina Scarletti has a reputation for unmasking fraudulent psychics. So it is no surprise … Read More

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Becoming Charlie: Part One

by Kristie Haigwood  

My name is Charlie, and I’m invisible. Well, not literally, but until one of the most popular guys at Eden High saved my life, nobody even knew I existed. Sean Reese gave me more than my life back that night. He gave me friendship.And maybe, just maybe, I can save him, too. Will he still be my friend when he … Read More

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by Julia Sykes  

Dex…I don’t have a heart left to give anyone. So when my friend tries to set me up with romance author Chloe Martin, the only answer I can give is "hell no." Unfortunately for me, Chloe is also a journalist working a story on the Latin Kings, and my boss orders me to protect her while she carries out her … Read More

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Seabound (Seabound Chronicles Book 1)

by Jordan Rivet  

Esther has lived on a cruise ship for sixteen years, ever since she fled an apocalyptic catastrophe with a handful of desperate survivors. Now she works as a ship’s mechanic and dreams of a life beyond her floating small town. When disaster strikes the water system on Esther’s watch, she’s thrust into an adventure that will threaten the lives of … Read More

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Master Photo Lighting… Light 101 (On Target Photo Training Book 5)

by Dan Eitreim  

Master Photo Lighting… Light 101Photography is all about capturing light… that’s it! So, learning to master camera lighting is not just nice…or important. It is VITAL! "Master Photo Lighting… Light 101" of the On Target Photo Training series will quickly give you a solid base to work from. You will see almost instantaneous improvement in your photos!Here is the table … Read More

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The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan (The Mimi Chronicles Book 1)

by Whitney Dineen  

"Whitney Dineen has a brilliant sense of humour herself which shines forth in her writing…Watch out Bridget Jones, Mimi Finnegan is on your tail!" -Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner at the 2016 International Readers’ Favorite Awards. Thirty-four year old, Mimi Finnegan, is the third of four daughters and in her eyes, by far, the most unremarkable. She has no singular … Read More

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The Mermaid’s Escape: Mythology Romance (The Siren Series Book 1)

by Kellie McAllen  

Four sexy, shipwrecked divers, one mermaid princess running from her destiny, and a curse that threatens to destroy her only chance at the life she wants. Destined to marry the gorgeous, high-ranking Kai and inherit the throne from her grandfather, Princess Coral is the envy of every mermaid in the shoal. But all she really wants is the freedom to … Read More

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The Sixth Gate (The Gate Trilogy Book 1)

by K.T. Munson  

Demons, adventure, and the Netherworld wait for Elisabeth in the first novel in The Gate Trilogy. The interplanetary gates have existed between the five planets and the Netherworld for as long as living memory. Dr. Elisabeth Avery is a woman caught between two worlds. Little does she know that others like her, other half-breeds, are being hunted. When a creature … Read More

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A Whiff of Cyanide: A thrilling twist on Golden Age crime (Hampstead Murders Book 3)

by Guy Fraser-Sampson  

"Comfortingly old school crime fiction with a modern twist" – Chris Brookmyre, bestselling author of the Jack Parlabane thrillers The third volume of the bestselling Hampstead Murders sees the team become involved with a suspicious death at a crime writers’ convention. Is this the result of a bitterly contested election for the Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association or are … Read More

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As Wings Unfurl

by Arthur M. Doweyko  

"… captures the reader’s attention with kick-butt action in a video game storytelling format." ~ Publishers Weekly "Apple Bogdanski, a disabled Vietnam veteran, worked in a secondhand books store. When a private detective takes incriminating photos of shape-shifting aliens in the act of transformation and sends the negatives to the owner of the bookstore hidden in a book among a … Read More

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Hot Flashes & Cold Lemonade

by Susan Flett Swiderski  

Living the perfect life has always been easy peasy for Pearl Bryzinski, because she’s practically a pro at ignoring the negative and putting a positive spin on the facts, but it’s impossible for her to find anything positive about Daddy skipping town with that blue-haired floozy in a flashy brown Pinto. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t ignore … Read More

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A Model Bride: Faith-filled sweet and clean New Year’s Eve Christian romance in Scotland and London (The Macleans Book 1)

by Autumn Macarthur  

Her plans for her Europe trip didn’t include falling in love! When Tiffany Gallagher flies to London from L.A. to spend the holidays with her family, volunteering at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day isn’t part of her plan. Nor is having to travel to Edinburgh with Mac, the wounded and cynical Scottish photojournalist also volunteering at the shelter, to … Read More

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The Price of Retribution

by Christopher Cartwright  

After the world’s most expensive diamond heist goes wrong, Jack Overton finds himself running from the man who had once been his master – England’s most powerful magistrate of the eighteenth century, Sir Robert Williams. With deep ties to one of the most violent Secret Societies in Europe, the honorable Sir Robert Williams will stop at nothing to catch him. … Read More

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Iron Ships, Iron Men (McGann saga Book 3)

by Christopher Nicole  

1858, the United States of America. A country ideologically divided: between those in the North who abhor the concept of slavery, and those in the South, for whom slavery is their lifeblood. Upon the high seas, Lieutenant Rod Bascom is saved by Jerry McGann, and from their encounter grows a friendship. After being dismissed from the navy for losing his … Read More

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Love Poison

by Pete Barber  

"… laced with adventure, horror, suspense, romance, and even a bit of humor." Big Al’s Books & Pals "… a whirlwind of a story with sex taking a backseat to love, introspectionand danger." Kelly Smith Reviews Love is a dangerous drug. Lab assistant and avid climber Amber Wilson is no stranger to risk. But she feels invisible around her handsome … Read More

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The Traveler

by Fredric Shernoff  

The worldwide bestseller and #1 bestselling time travel story. Note: The story of The Traveler continues in Omega Protocol (Atlantic Island III)! Dan Wells is just like you and me but with one difference- Dan is a time traveler. On a sight-seeing trip to his own past in 1993, a fatal mistake will force Dan to choose between the life … Read More

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London Carter Boxed Set: Books 4 – 6

by BJ Bourg  

Available as a boxed set: Books 4 – 6 of the London Carter Mystery Series by BJ Bourg BULLET DROP While Dawn Luke travels to her hometown of Arkansas to tend to her sick mother, London Carter is called upon to investigate the murder of a young teenager whose body is found stuffed under the exit ramp of an overpass. … Read More

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The Reason for Me

by Prescott Lane  

Holt She likes it quick and dirty. I like orders and rules. She hates small talk. I hate to share. She’s an open book. I’m a closed dresser drawer. She rides a Harley. And that drives me f’ing nuts. Annalyse and I have both lived in our own personal hells for half a decade. She’s learned to love the warmth, … Read More

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A Higher Education: A Modern Retelling of Pride & Prejudice

by Rosalie Stanton  

"This is a steamy take on Austen, with a brash, fiery Elizabeth and a protective, romantic Darcy who will have romance readers falling in love with their classic story all over again." – Publisher’s Weekly "A Higher Education is the P&P adaptation we need right now." – All About Romance "Sharp, stirring, and sensational – A Higher Education is a … Read More

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The Lie

by Ashley Fontainne  

Soon to be the feature film GOLD MEDAL WINNER – FICTION2013 ILLUMINATION BOOK AWARDS "THE LIE by Ashley Fontainne is a thought-provoking novel that takes readers into the darkness, yet shares a deep, unforgettable story….the premise is excellent and definitely one that will attract readers looking for intrigue. I enjoyed the fact that the author writes from a Christian … Read More

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The End of the Road

by Rosaline Riley  

Jane, slowly recovering from the shock of her husband Neil’s sudden death three months ago, is looking forward to a weekend visit from Fran – her friend and the mother-in-law of her daughter, Lucy. But almost before the weekend gets under way, Fran goes missing – a seemingly inexplicable happening which throws Jane’s life and those of their inter-related families … Read More

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Royal Scandal: A Royals in Exile Novel

by Marquita Valentine  

Fairy tales do come true–and so do tabloid scandals! New York Times Bestselling author Marquita Valentine kicks off a juicy contemporary romance series with a novel about a prince whose best-laid plans go deliciously awry when he marries the maid next door.   Forced to flee to the United States with his siblings after their parents' assassination, Crown Prince Colin … Read More

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The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 1-3

by Sam Sisavath  

Contains the first 3 books in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series, including The Purge of Babylon, The Gates of Byzantium, and The Stones of Angkor.________________________________________________STAY OUT OF THE DARK. LOAD UP ON SILVER BULLETS. AND WHATEVER YOU DO, STAY ALIVE. Creatures that once lived in the shadows, hidden from humankind, have risen, spreading like a plague across the globe … Read More

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Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change through Ordinary Moments

by Winston T. Smith  

Can Ordinary Marriages Become Extraordinary?He snapped at her during breakfast. She brought up a past mistake. He walked out angry. She left without saying good-bye. An ordinary day in an ordinary marriage. But what if things could be different? What if the moments that seem the most ordinary moments of annoyance, conflict, pain, or cold indifference could become moments in … Read More

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Behind the Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 1)

by A. Gavazzoni  

When Lara dies at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer during a sex game, his defense attorney, Carl, hires Simone, a psychiatrist, professor and author of books on sexual behavior to help him buttress his argument that Lara’s death was accidental. To help his defense, Carl’s client has written a detailed account of his steamy, year-long relationship with Lara. Carl … Read More

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