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The Summer Without You

by Karen Swan  

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Rowena Tipton isn’t looking for a new life, just a new adventure, something to while away the months as her long-term boyfriend presses pause on their relationship before they become engaged. But when a chance encounter at a New York wedding leads to an audition for a coveted houseshare in The Hamptons – Manhattan’s elite beach scene – suddenly a … Read More

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The Hummingbird Wizard (The Annie Szabo Mystery Series Book 1)

by Meredith Blevins  

This sexy, witty, suspenseful, and wildly original mystery paints the portrait of a vibrant family. When the Szabo women put their heads together, sometimes bending a few laws, balance and justice are restored . . . At least temporarily! "Blevins flavors her lively prose with frequent humor and unexpected twists. Readers will be drawn in by the riveting characters, great … Read More

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A Rather Unusual Romance

by Stevie Turner  

When Erin Mason gets a divorce, she’s left with two teenage sons to care for. Soon after, the doctor diagnoses her with cancer, and her world falls apart. Not too far away, someone else – Alan Beaumont – is suffering a similar fate. Their paths come together in this inspiring tale, partially based on actual events. A Rather Unusual Romance … Read More

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The Dean’s List: Making the Grade

by Kelly Collins  

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After the death of his wife, enigmatic Jonathan Ferris lives in a world of acquisition and mergers, a world where he knows financial security, a world filled with desolating loneliness. Until River Roberts. She’s intelligent, beautiful, sensual, and when their lives collide, his world is changed. Twenty-five-year-old college honors student River Roberts has found herself hungry, tired, and out of … Read More

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Drunk in Charge of a Foreign Language: The Diary of a Spanish Misadventure

by Matt Rothwell  

Drunk in Charge of a Foreign LanguageThe hilarious debut book by Matt Rothwell ‘Matt’s love of Spain shines throughout this book. A very funny and engaging read’ – David Luddington author of ‘Forever England’ What would you do if your wife asked you for a divorce thirty days into a three month camping tour of Spain? Set fire to the … Read More

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Piano Scales, Chords & Arpeggios Lessons with Elements of Basic Music Theory: Fun, Step-By-Step Guide for Beginner to Advanced Levels (Book & Streaming Videos)

by Damon Ferrante  

This new edition book and streaming video course is all that you will ever need for learning piano chords, scales, arpeggios, how to read music, and basic music theory! Piano Professor Damon Ferrante guides you through 140 step-by-step lessons (for beginner to advanced levels) and 30 streaming video lessons. This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of piano students and teachers, … Read More

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Apocalypse (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 1)

by Kyle West  

Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years underground in U.S. Bunker 108. When he goes on his first recon into the Wasteland, he will find out exactly why. Outside, Alex discovers a harsh landscape twisted by the impact of the meteor Ragnarok in 2030. Besides raiders, dust storms, and cold, a new threat is evolving — the xenovirus, … Read More

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Tipping Point: Arctic Terrorism Thriller

by Simon Rosser  

Two Dead Climatologists…An International Conspiracy…A Looming Ecological Disaster… Tipping Point: There will be no return… 1903: The Arctic’s fabled Northwest Passage is navigated for the first time. 2012: An eminent climatologist is found dead in his London apartment. For Robert Spire, an environmental lawyer, what seems like a standard executor’s appointment in his client’s will, turns out to be anything … Read More

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Below Mercury

by Mark Anson  

SOME SECRETS ARE BEST LEFT UNDISTURBED … Mercury – closest planet to the Sun. In the permanent darkness of Chao Meng-fu crater lie vast fields of ice that that have never seen the Sun, and the ruins of Erebus Mine, abandoned and forgotten after a devastating explosion that claimed the lives of 257 people. After an eight-year legal battle, the … Read More

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Spanish: Learn Spanish with Stories for Beginners (+ audio): 10 Easy Spanish Short Stories with English Glossaries throughout the text I (Learn Spanish with Audio)

by Claudia Orea  

An Effective Way to Improve Your Spanish Reading and Listening Comprehension Skills This book makes use of simple yet entertaining stories to help you learn Spanish. By covering a diverse range of grammar structures and vocabulary, and supplementing it with audio, you can improve your reading and writing skills, and even practice your listening and pronunciation. No Dictionary Necessary This book … Read More

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Death to the Witch-Queen!: A Post-Apocalyptic Western Steampunk Space Opera (The Avenjurs of Williym Blaik & the Cyborg Qilliara Across the Ruins of Space-Time Book 1)

by P.K. Lentz  

Williym Blaik may not be smart. Or literate. Or sane. But he knows an opportunity when one falls from the sky in a flash of blue fire and saves his life. In Qilliara–part deadly machine, part mean lady, all bad attitude–he's found just that: an opportunity to break free from the degenerate, mutant-filled wasteland where he's lived his whole life. … Read More

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Happy Leons: LEON Happy Salads

by Jane Baxter  

Leon was founded on the twin principles that food can both taste good and do you good. In this book, Leon authors Jane Baxter and John Vincent bring together 100 recipes for fresh, vibrant, delicious salads that will have you feeling healthy and happy. Divided into chapters that include Classics, Naturally Fast, Salads for Friends, Family Salads and Lunchbox, this … Read More

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Cruise Ship Stories – 12 Years of Working on Cruise Ships, Behind the Crew Only Door, Getting Jobs on Ships, Life On Board

by Guy Beach  

If you are reading this intro, then I take it that you have an interest in cruise ships. It could be you want to work on a cruise ships, you want to or have taken a cruise, maybe you are looking for tips on cruising or maybe you just like fun stories about cruise ships. If you are interested in … Read More

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I Know My Name: A stunning psychological thriller

by C.J. Cooke  

‘Atmospheric, mysterious and intense . . . It’s a stunning psychological thriller’ C. L. Taylor, bestselling author of THE MISSING Komméno Island, Greece: I don’t know where I am, who I am. Help me. A woman is washed up on a remote Greek island with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. Potter’s Lane, Twickenham, London: … Read More

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The Fire: SAS Hero turns Manchester Hitman (A Rick Fuller Thriller Book 2)

by Robert White  

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Rick Fuller, a once decorated SAS hero, now Manchester hit-man, likes nothing better than disposing of his employer’s rivals in return for a suitcase of cash. His spectacular fall from grace and obsession to discover the identity of the IRA terrorist who gunned down his wife, all but destroyed him.Ten years have passed since that fateful day, and Ireland has … Read More

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by Cheri Schmidt  

Fateful is an unusual take on The Frog Prince…a fairy tale with bite. The magic and wonder of Harry Potter meets the melt-your-heart romance of the Vampire Diaries. When the sun sets in London the magic begins, but just as that magic begins her fairy tale romance ends… A huge fan of Jane Austen, Danielle hopes to find her own … Read More

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Accidental Bride (Beaufort Brides Book 3)

by Noelle Adams  

Kelly has spent her life taking care of her grandmother and being responsible, but she decides to have a little fun for one weekend in Vegas. She doesn’t expect to wake up married to her best friend, Peter–and not remember anything about it. Peter has been in love with Kelly for a long time, but she’s never looked at him … Read More

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You Did What? The Story of a Bicycle Touring Adventure Across Europe

by Ben Owens  

What happens when two friends, who had never done more than a week-long bicycle tour before, launch into a crazy plan to ride their bikes across Europe? From the authors of “The Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring” comes a fantastic tale of how Ben Owens and Jason Sickle planned for and completed an entirely self-supported, multi-week tour of the European … Read More

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How Wars Begin

by A J P Taylor  

War has been one of the most destructive and decisive forces in world history. But how do wars begin? In this provocative book, the AJP Taylor addresses one of the greatest questions in history. Taylor examines eight major conflicts, from the Napoleonic era to the Cold War, discussing the motives and personalities behind the decisions to go to war. Some … Read More

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Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 1)

by Kathryn Le Veque  

*** A USA Today Bestselling book, ranked #110 on the USA Today Bestseller list 6/11/17! *** 1066 A.D. – Discover the origins of the original de Wolfe pack, led by the man known as WARWOLFE. Before the Duke of Normandy conquered England, a legend arose. A man so fierce, so brave, and so noble, that the mere whisper of his … Read More

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Let Me Be Your First (Music and Letters Series Book 1)

by Lynsey M. Stewart  

Elle Davis is a hopeless romantic, an epic daydreamer, and best friend to party girl Abi. Oh, and she’s also a twenty-three-year-old virgin. She has always dreamed of love at first sight and the fairy-tale ending; however, as the burden of her virginity increases, so does her sexual curiosity… In her mission to find Mr Right, Elle inevitably stumbles across … Read More

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The Social Tigress: Dating Advice for Women to Attract Men and Get a Boyfriend! (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 2)

by Gregg Michaelsen  

The Social Tigress: Dating Advice for Women to Attract Men and Get a Boyfriend! This dating book will produce one thing: MORE MEN. Now I know you don’t want more men you just want the RIGHT man. But to get the right man you need CHANGE and that’s where I come in. Hi I’m Gregg, my life is spent going … Read More

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Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

by Clive Barker  

From Bram Stoker Award-nominated publisher, Crystal Lake Publishing, and the editing duo who brought you the best-selling and critically acclaimed small-town Lovecraftian horror anthology Shadows Over Main Street, comes Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories—a disturbing journey into the beauty that rests inside the very heart of darkness. Awe meets ache.Terror becomes transcendence.Regret gives way to rebirth. Fifteen short stories and one … Read More

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Coming Up Roses

by Rachael Lucas  

Would-be gardener Daisy can’t believe her luck when her parents announce they’re off on a midlife crisis gap year, leaving her in charge of their gorgeous garden. After a turbulent few months, a spot of quiet in the countryside is just what she needs.  A shoulder to cry on wouldn’t go amiss either – so when Daisy comes across Elaine and … Read More

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