KindofBook is your platform for free and greatly discounted electronic books, wherein we have set our focus on Kindle eBooks. The Amazon Kindle is the market leader in the eBook reader sector. In addition, these eBooks can be read on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can discover exactly how it works in our Questions and Answers section.

Our Offer

Registration for KindofBook is free and brings you the following benefits:

  • The best new eBook deals daily: Every day, we search all available Kindle eBooks with major falls in prices and provide a daily selection of the best deals. Usually, these deals are time-limited, meaning that they expire after a few days (sometimes even after a few hours). Therefore we recommend that you subscribe to our customizable newsletter, so that you will be guaranteed not to miss, any current, short term top offers.
  • Access to additional free books: Often there are free eBook deals in our daily selection that are being reserved for our signed up users.
  • You are an author or publisher?: Then you can inform us about your ebook deals and we will take it into consideration to include them in our daily selection.

eBook Selection Criteria

The following criteria must be met by Kindle eBooks in order to be included in the daily selection:

  • Price: Books must be free or at least 40% discounted compared to the price of the last days and weeks. In addition, with a few exceptions, we also do not provide books that cost more than 3 pounds. Most are even significantly less.
  • Quality: The eBooks need to have a minimum rating, a minimum number of rankers, have a minimum length and basically provide an impression of quality. The exact criteria can vary slightly according to daily offer.
  • Genre Mix: We try to offer you the broadest possible selection daily. Since we have no control over what books are reduced in price, it may be that we need to make a one-sided selection on some days. Romance novels and thrillers are incidentally the most common genres and are therefore generally offered the most often.
  • Seldom repetitions: If an eBook has already been posted, the earliest reselection date is in six months. From time to time we make an exception, for example, when a well-selling book becomes free of cost, although we have reported it as a reduced price a few weeks ago.

Why are the eBooks free of charge or greatly reduced in price?

There are many different reasons to explain this. Often, authors or publishers want to achieve a higher sales rankings or they have a new book published, which they want to promote, by offering another book for free. After a few days, or if the eBook has reached a certain ranking, it will usually revert back to its original price.

More questions regarding Kindle, eBooks and the service of KindofBook are answered in our Questions and Answers.