Kindle & eBooks FAQ

The free and discounted eBooks can be read with any Kindle e-reader. By installing an app offered by Amazon it is also possible to read the eBooks on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to read the eBooks with other eBook readers.
Download the Kindle App

With an eBook Reader you can always carry your entire collection of books in a single device which is especially advantageous when travelling or on the way to work. Most printed books are also available to buy as an eBook version, which is usually far cheaper than the print version. The display of an eBook reader is designed so that, unlike computer screens and tablets, it allows a more relaxed reading for the eyes, similar to reading a book.

The Kindle is sold by Amazon and is the market leader in eBook readers. There are various models, which can be compared on the official sales page. They are lightweight, have a battery life of several weeks and provide space for thousands of eBooks. Amazon also offers the largest selection of eBooks. They cannot be opened in a legal manner with any other eBook reader other than the Kindle.

In our daily book selection choose a book and click on “Get Deal”. You will now be redirected to the corresponding page on Amazon. Check if the price on Amazon is in agreement with our price, or whether the offer is already expired.

On the Amazon page, click “Buy now” or “Buy now with 1-Click”. If necessary, you may still need to login with your Amazon login information and then select your Kindle in the “Send To” list. The Kindle will appear in the list, if you have already connected the device to your Amazon account (you will be prompted to connect the device after you have made a wireless connection for the first time with the Kindle). Click on “Next” and follow the instructions to buy the eBook.

This works in the same way as loading onto the Kindle, but it is necessary that you first have the software for the device: Download the Kindle App. Alternatively, you can also download the app for your smartphone directly from Google Play store or from the iTunes Store.

Log in with your Amazon data, when opening the app for the first time. Afterwards, every time you purchase a new Kindle eBook the device should appear in your “Send To” list.

Yes, you don’t need to make multiple purchases. All purchased eBooks are found in a so-called cloud, which you can access with all your devices. From this cloud, you can also download directly to your device so that you can access the books in the future, even without an internet connection. Later, when another device is added, the books previously purchased can be downloaded onto it.

The prerequisite is that you’re registered with the same Amazon account (same email address) on all devices. In the settings of the device there is a function available for logging off and for new login. Additionally, on the My Kindle page, you can send your books to other devices, remove devices and manage other settings.

However, only a specific number of book copies can be in use at the same time. Typically there are six devices that can have a particular eBook in its library at the same time. But this may vary depending on the deals. The book licenses can be removed from a device and then added on a new device without having to buy them again.

If you accidentally bought an eBook or if you bought it at a higher price, because you did not notice that the special offer price hasn’t been valid anymore, you can return it up to seven days after your purchase. This function is found on the My Kindle page, or you ask the experts at Kindle Support.

The following steps are recommended:

  • Firstly, log in to the Kindle with the Amazon account and download the child relevant books, which were previously purchased, directly onto the device. Then log off via the settings menu and only the currently downloaded books will remain on the Kindle. When buying new books for your child, you can sign in again to download the appropriate books and then log out.
  • Turn off the wireless internet connection so that no new books can be purchased.
  • If necessary, purchase a protective case, since an exchange of a broken display would be expensive.

Unfortunately this is not possible. However, during a holiday in a foreign country you can still buy eBooks on the website of the home country. For longer stays or relocation, however, a change of address is required. Afterwards, only eBooks from the Amazon page of the new country can be downloaded.

KindofBook FAQ

As mentioned in the previous question, customers of certain countries can only download Kindle content on certain Amazon pages, depending on the country. Therefore, we have divided KindofBook into pages for UK, USA, and DE, so that you can only view free and discounted eBook offers which you can also download in your country:

  • For customers who can buy eBooks on These are customers from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Gibraltar
  • For customers who can buy eBooks on These are customers from the USA.
  • For customers who can buy eBooks on
    These are customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

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Please review the following:

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In principle, we find the new eBook offerings for our daily selection ourselves because they must fulfill certain criteria.

However, we offer a system that you can use to inform us about your ebook deals for free. We will then take it into consideration to include it in our daily selection. Depending on the kind of deal, we also offer posting it for sure for a small fee.