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by Lynda Page  

A young mother strives for a better tomorrow.

Lynda Page’s Annie is a gripping saga of a woman’s struggle against poverty and hardship, to create a better life for herself and her son. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Cathy Sharp.

When Charlie Higgins is unfairly dismissed from his job in a Leicester shoe factory his family become crippled by poverty. Refusing to surrender to her husband’s misfortunes, Annie manages to keep food on the table and faith in their hearts. Until tragedy strikes again. With the threat of the workhouse looming over them, Annie and her young son Georgie seek refuge with their only relatives: the Burbages – a family they have never met and know nothing about.

Adapting to farm life is a gruelling experience for Annie and Georgie, but hard work and cheerfulness earn them respect. But at the back of Annie’s mind, she knows that one day she must return to Leicester to confront the memories she has left behind, and begin a new life for herself and her son…

What readers are saying about Annie:

‘Really enjoyed this book from beginning to end, one of those you don’t want to put down. Shed a few tears along the way, but a lovely ending ‘

‘Fantastic book. Could not put it down. Just another enthralling book by a fantastic author. Would recommend this book to everyone’

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