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CapWar ELECTION (CapStone Conspiracy Book 1)

by Brandt Legg  

A spellbinding political thriller from the USA Today bestselling author of The Last Librarian and The Cosega Sequence.

Surveillance. Bribery. Fraud. Theft. Blackmail.
Deception. Manipulation. Assassination. Revolution.
The next presidential election . . . Time to run!

Hudson Pound, a common man with no political ambitions and no baggage, seemed the perfect candidate. They were convinced he could easily be controlled. They were wrong.
The media loved him, the public was enthralled, everything went his way—flawless, as if scripted. Yet his past loomed heavy, the compromises stacked up, the truth threatened to crush him. As the campaign heated up, everyone wanted something, his promise of change became a different kind of bargain. While the all-or-nothing race meant life or death, "running” took on new and dangerous meanings. With stakes so high, winning the election might prove more important than surviving.

The faded flag on Hudson’s old army jacket recalled his heroic roots, but left him unprepared for vicious partisan battles. His lack of political instincts made the traps and betrayals all the more stunning. As a man more comfortable with plumbers than pollsters, he couldn’t know how deep the conspiracy went. A former history teacher, his estranged musician son, a would-be first lady, a tech wizard, a secretive billionaire, a rogue journalist, and an ex-con are among the few who stand between the forces of revolution and those seeking to consolidate authority into supreme dominance. There can be only one winner in the CapWar.

What if your vote really doesn’t count? You aren’t truly free? And your life is being manipulated? The truth is a bigger lie than you can believe. The truth is you believe it anyway.

This riveting political financial thriller will appeal to fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Andrew Peterson, Daniel Silva, Brad Taylor, Clive Cussler, L.T. Ryan, Vince Flynn, Tim Tigner, and Nelson DeMille. Start the ELECTION, get the EXPERIENCE, build the EMPIRE.

Early praise for the CapStone Conspiracy

"Exciting blend of non-stop action, fiction, history, and ripped from the headlines political drama!"
"I couldn’t stop reading . . . it’s too close to real.”
“The most exciting political thriller I’ve read! If you like Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, you’ll love this series!”
"A fast-paced journey of deception and conspiracy"
"It kept me up late reading, and even later thinking about it.”
"Conspiracy and Suspense at its best.”

Find out why nearly a million copies of Brandt’s books have been sold/downloaded worldwide.

CapWar ELECTION (CapStone Conspiracy #1)
CapWar EXPERIENCE (CapStone Conspiracy #2)
CapWar EMPIRE (CapStone Conspiracy #3)

The CapStone conspiracy has finally gone too far.

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