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Cry of the Fish Eagle

by Peter Rimmer  

Rupert Pengelly first hears the haunting lament of a fish eagle when stationed for six months in southern Africa during World War Two.

It is also during those six months that Rupert is on a quest to look for Sasa, the orphaned daughter of his friend Rigby having promised Rigby to care for Sasa if anything did happen to him. To complicate the quest, Sasa’s eccentric grandfather, Kobus Loubser, has taken the young orphan into the bush prospecting for emeralds. Rupert’s search is dashed and he returns to war.

The war is now over and Rupert has lost his Cornish family estate. There’s nothing for it but to begin anew, in new land teaming with wildlife, adventure, adversity and excitement, but also one that threatens war and a fight for freedom.

Yet it is not only the lament of the fish eagle that draws him to this new land of Rhodesia, but his destiny too that binds him to Sasa.

Cry of the Fish Eagle is a must read of an enduring love affair and a discovery of a new country Rhodesia that is to become Zimbabwe.

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