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Death by Sarcasm: (A Hardboiled Private Investigator Mystery Series) (Mary Cooper Mysteries Book 1)

by Dan Ames  

The bullets and the one-liners fly.

Mary Cooper is a private investigator in Los Angeles with a penchant for solving crimes and extreme sarcasm.

In DEATH BY SARCASM, Mary's uncle, a stand-up comedian, is brutally murdered.

When Mary begins to investigate, she becomes the target of a sadistic killer who is bent on executing a bloody rampage.

DEATH BY SARCASM is the first book in the Mary Cooper Mystery series. Other books include (in order) MURDER WITH SARCASTIC INTENT and GROSS SARCASTIC HOMICIDE.

#1 Hardboiled Mystery 
#1 Women Sleuths 
#1 Police Procedural

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