Book Cover

Lahn’s Edge – An International Crime Thriller

by Chuck Driskell  

What happens when a seductive terrorist targets an insatiable soldier with a genius IQ? Steamy action and a thrill ride layered with twists and turns.

The terrorist is Rebekka. She has the looks of a runway model and the training of a professional psychiatrist. Her mission: entrap the high-value soldier using her psychological and sensual talents.

The soldier is Patrick. He’s a model citizen within his unit, clever with dashing good looks. He’s also rumored to have family money back in Texas, which would explain his M-series BMW, his luxury apartment and his penchant for the finer things.

Patrick seems to have it all. He has a dark secret, too.

And Rebekka intends to exploit it.

Set in present-day Germany, LAHN’S EDGE is an action thriller providing psychological suspense, murder mystery and a sexually charged undercurrent. The multi-level plot and unique characters deliver thrills and constant action while keeping readers guessing.

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