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The Templars

by Dan Jones  

The Knights Templar were the wealthiest, most powerful – and most secretive – of the military orders that flourished in the crusading era. Their story – encompassing as it does the greatest international conflict of the Middle Ages, a network of international finance, a swift rise in wealth and influence followed by a bloody and humiliating fall – has left … Read More

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The Decameron

by Giovanni Boccaccio  

The Decameron is a collection of 100 novels written by Giovanni Boccaccio in the 14th century and is considered one of the most important works of the 14th century European literature. For its salient features, Boccaccio's work must certainly be counted among the works that inspired the ideal of hedonistic life typical of humanist and Renaissance culture, which hoped for … Read More

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They Met At Shiloh: a Civil War Novel (Shiloh Series Book 1)

by Phillip Bryant  

Shiloh. In Hebrew it means ‘place of peace’. An apt name for a tiny Methodist chapel close to the banks of the Tennessee river. It has borne witness to christenings, weddings, and funerals. Its parishioners are thankful for their peace. Peace, that is, until Grant’s Union army arrives to take up every available space in and around the church and … Read More

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Where Love Begins (Where There is Love Book 1)

by Donna Fletcher Crow  

Catherine Perronet’s world is shaken when she learns Charles Wesley is engaged to marry another. After all, Catherine’s initials were on the list John Wesley gave to his brother listing acceptable matrimonial candidates. And that’s not all that’s wrong in Catherine’s world. As teacher at a Methodist Society school in London, she sees her brother beaten while preaching in the … Read More

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A Touch of Deceit (A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 1)

by Gary Ponzo  

The Gripping Thriller That Launched The Award-Winning, Bestselling Series! FBI agent Nick Bracco can’t stop a Kurdish terrorist from firing missiles at random homes across the country. The police can’t stand watch over every household, so Bracco recruits his cousin Tommy to help track down this terrorist. Tommy is in the Mafia. Oh yeah, it gets messy fast. As fast … Read More

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The Green Tracksuit (1)

by Peter Gordon Elliot  

A strange, funny, magical, wonder-full evocation of a 1970s Highland childhood. With a truly terrifying darkness at its heart. nine year old Peter, growing up in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, had a magical family life and the freedom of nineteen-seventies. But a sinister encounter late one night on a country road, turns his world upside down, exposing him to grave … Read More

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Untouched (The Untouched Series Book 1)

by Lilly Wilde  

Aria Cason turned her back on love in favor of her career. Her past giving reason to redirect her life and strictly focus on success; allowing little to no room for anything more.Every part of her life is structured and organized—including sex—which is always strategically planned … until Aiden. Aiden Wyatt surfaces at Raine Publishing House as an intern who—from … Read More

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The Forex ”Set & Forget” Profit System: It is VERY DIFFICULT TO LOSE with this extremely reliable trading system

by Mark Boardman  

Hi. This is Mark Boardman. I will be running a FREE webinar on Tuesday 25th June 2019 called ”How to make 50% profit per year with extremely low risk”.You can find out more by visiting my website which is On there you will find 18 testimonials written by REAL traders that have used my latest trading system launched in … Read More

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Sky Song (The Sky Song trilogy Book 1)

by Sharon Sant  

AN UNKNOWN PAST. UN UNWANTED DESTINY. A FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL.A strange-eyed boy with no memory of his true identity or real parents, Jacob could have no idea of the mortal danger he has been in every day of his fifteen years. Now that danger has found him and suddenly he doesn’t know who he can trust and what is real … Read More

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Infected: The Shiners (Forgotten Origins Trilogy Book 1)

by Tara Ellis  

An alien plague. A sixteen-year-old girl. A fight to save the world. When a rare meteor shower unleashes a mind-altering infection, Alex's loved ones begin to change. They're smarter, faster, emotionless, and they have a plan. One that doesn't include her. Pursued by friends turned enemies and desperate to save her little brother, Alex flees to the mountains surrounding her … Read More

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Keeper (Roy & Castells Book 2)

by Johana Gustawsson  

Whitechapel, 1888: London is bowed under Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror. London 2015: actress Julianne Bell is abducted in a case similar to the terrible Tower Hamlets murders of some ten years earlier, and harking back to the Ripper killings of a century before.Falkenberg, Sweden, 2015: a woman’s body is found mutilated in a forest, her wounds identical to … Read More

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Next Girl to Die (The Calderwood Cases Book 1)

by Dea Poirier  

Solving the case will avenge her sister—unless the killer finds her first. It’s been fifteen years since Claire Calderwood’s sister, Rachel, was brutally murdered in their small hometown in Maine. Claire has finally carved out a life for herself as a homicide detective in Detroit, but the past comes calling when the local police back home ask for her help … Read More

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A Testament to Murder: A 1920s murder mystery to keep you guessing until the final page (Murder Will Follow Book 1)

by Vivian Conroy  

Suspenseful from the first page to the last, A Testament to Murder is perfect for fans of And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, and Crooked HouseA dying billionaire. Nine would-be heirs. But only one will take the prize… At the lush Villa Calypso on the French Riviera, a dying billionaire launches a devious plan: at midnight … Read More

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The Unhappy Medium: A Supernatural Comedy. Book 1

by T. J. Brown  

A coal dark British comedy for fans of Good Omens, Christopher Moore and Douglas Adams. Thrilling, chilling and awash with bone dry comedy. TV egghead, Dr Newton Barlow likes his world rational, his universe ordered, and his life cleansed of every last trace of superstition. So, when his reputation is trashed, his life stolen and his universe rendered catastrophically pear-shaped, … Read More

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The Other Mother: a psychological thriller you won’t be able to put down

by J.A. Baker  

Looking for an unputdownable psychological thriller full of suspense? Then you’ll love best-selling author, J.A. Baker’s gripping new thriller The Other Mother. Three troubled women. One deadly secret. Lissy and her daughter, Rosie, live a quiet life in Yorkshire, however when events at Rosie’s school come to light, their peaceful existence is shattered  Meanwhile, middle-aged women Erica and Beverley appear to have perfect lives but behind closed doors … Read More

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Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake Book 3)

by Rachel Caine  

An Amazon Charts, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller. She can’t ignore a cry for help. But in this remote hunting town, it’s open season. Gwen Proctor escaped her serial-killer husband and saved her family. What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety. Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes. For Gwen, hiding isn’t … Read More

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Manchester Moll

by Emma Hornby  

Moll thought she could keep her family safe . . . Eighteen-year-old Moll Chambers works her fingers to the bone doing all she can to support her family. With an ailing father and a wayward mother, Moll is the only one who can look after her siblings, Bo and Sissy. But Manchester is an increasingly dangerous place to live, overrun … Read More

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All Saints: Murder on the Mersey (Mersey Murder Mysteries Book 2)

by Brian L. Porter  

After the discovery of two bodies, Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Detective Sergeant Izzie Drake must lead their team in a race against time to prevent further atrocities. Clues point towards the enigmatic priest, Father Gerald Byrne, who has recently returned to the city of his birth.  But what connects Byrne to the graveyard murders, a young girl’s suicide, and … Read More

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Next Girl On The List – A serial killer thriller (McRyan Mystery Series Book)

by Roger Stelljes  

The perfect boyfriend…The perfect lies…The perfect killer. Dating is deadly when your name is next on the list. THE BESTSELLING MYSTERY & THRILLER SERIES WITH 2+ MILLION DOWNLOADS"A Smash hit & runaway bestseller from one of the best new authors in crime fiction!" New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery Series with 20,000+ reviewsClick [Read for Free] in Kindle … Read More

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Kingdom of the Blind: A Chief Inspector Gamache Mystery, Book 14

by Louise Penny  

The entrancing new crime thriller featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, from number one New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny ‘A wonderful addition to a fantastic series’ Elly Griffiths When Armand Gamache receives a letter inviting him to an abandoned farmhouse outside of Three Pines, the former head of the Sûreté du Québec discovers that a complete stranger has named … Read More

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Falling for Autumn

by Heather Topham Wood  

Autumn Dorey had no problem leaving her hometown of Newpine and the friends there who’d betrayed her. Everyone thought they knew what happened the spring night Autumn’s world fell apart. Vicious rumors about the incident circulated, and she had to be homeschooled the last year of high school to escape her tormentors. All she wants now is to get away … Read More

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Ruining Miss Wrotham (Baleful Godmother Historical Romance Series Book 5)

by Emily Larkin  

*A triple award-winning Regency romance!* Eleanor Wrotham has sworn off overbearing men, but she needs a man’s help—and the man who steps forward is as domineering as he is dangerous: the notorious Mordecai Black. The illegitimate son of an earl, Mordecai is infamous for his skill with women. His affairs are legendary—but few people realize that Mordecai has rules, and … Read More

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Birth of an Assassin

by Rik Stone  

HE MAKES A MISTAKE And is framed for murder. ˃˃˃ HE ESCAPES With half the Soviet land forces on his tail. ˃˃˃ A SUICIDE MISSION His only hope of justice. ˃˃˃ For readers of Michael Connelly, Robert B. Parker, Ace Atkins, Lawrence Block, and more. International Bestselling author Rik Stone brings you an unstoppable, action packed suspense thriller that’s impossible … Read More

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Song of the Shuttle: A transatlantic historical saga (The Lancashire Cotton Saga Book 1)

by Christine Evans  

A gripping saga, stretching from the industrial towns of England to the American Civil War! For fans of Nadine Dorries, Maeve Binchy, Freda Lightfoot and Dilly Court. Two headstrong young women are fighting for their independence… 1861, Northern England Jessie Davenport, a young mill worker, and Honora Darwen, an orphan determined to follow in her father’s medical footsteps, strike up … Read More

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Workhouse Orphans

by Holly Green  

A gritty, heartwarming family saga for fans of Dilly Court, Sheila Newberry and Maggie Hope. All they have left is each other… Life has always been tough for May and Gus Lavender. Their father went away to sea never to return, and then their mother falls victim to the typhus sweeping through Liverpool. Regarded as orphans by the authorities, May … Read More

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Out of the Silence: a compelling revenge thriller

by Owen Mullen  

"an intensely powerful, moving and shocking story" Star investigative reporter Ralph Buchanan’s glory days are behind him. His newspaper has banished him abroad, not knowing the greatest moment of his long career is waiting for him there. When Simone Jasnin asks him to help expose a grave injustice, he finds himself embroiled in a harrowing tale that began in a … Read More

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In Rides Trouble (Black Knights Inc. Book 2)

by Julie Ann Walker  

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A New York Times and USA Today Bestseller! "Deft characterization, skillful pacing, touches of humor, and red-hot love scenes rev up this highly recommended roller-coaster." —Publishers Weekly Starred Review Rebel with a Cause Becky "Rebel" Reichert never actually goes looking for trouble. It just has a tendency to find her. Like the day Frank Knight showed up at her door, … Read More

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by H. Rider Haggard  

She, subtitled A History of Adventure, is a novel by English writer H. Rider Haggard, first serialised in The Graphic magazine from October 1886 to January 1887. She was extraordinarily popular upon its release and has never been out of print. The story is a first-person narrative that follows the journey of Horace Holly and his ward Leo Vincey to … Read More

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