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Sealed With A Kiss

by Rachael Lucas  

Kate is dumped on her best friend’s wedding day by the world’s most boring boyfriend, Ian. She’s mostly cross because he got in first – until she remembers she’s now homeless as well as jobless. Rather than move back home to her ultra-bossy mother, Kate takes a job on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor as an all-round Girl Friday. … Read More

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by Ethan Jones  

1074: The King of Munster musters his army, determined to end Viking rule in Dublin. As Kings prepare for war young warriors see opportunity, and Gruffudd son of Cynan is no different. Born in exile, the son of a Briton Prince and last of an ancient royal line, he is the true heir to Gwynedd’s throne. Now at last the … Read More

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Fire Possessed: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Adventure (Twin Rivers Possession Book 1)

by September Stone  

One woman on a mission. Four cursed men. A primal magic that threatens to destroy them all… Sophie has done her best to avoid the magical world for fear of the havoc her abnormal ability wreaks on other supernaturals. As a silencer who mutes the powers of those around her, she’s spent her life among the mortals her defect can’t … Read More

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Faithful Traitor: The Story of Margaret Pole (Plantagenet Embers Book 2)

by Samantha Wilcoxson  

Margaret Pole is no stranger to fortune’s wheel. From her childhood as firstborn of the heir apparent of England, she was brought low as the daughter of a traitor. After years of turmoil as the Tudor dynasty made its roots, Margaret finds favor with her cousin, King Henry VIII. Will the remnant of the York dynasty thrive under this tempestuous … Read More

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Truth: A Sinful Novel (A Sinful Series)

by Trilina Pucci  

Darker and dirtier than ever before. Trilina Pucci brings you an alpha hero, Dominic King, that breaks the mold. Get ready to swoon over this instalove story. Truth is a standalone novel. The moment I saw her, I wanted her. I just didn’t expect to want to keep her.Then she walked away. But she should’ve known better. I’m not the … Read More

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Keto Diet for Beginners #2019: Simple Keto Recipes to Reset Your Body and Live a Healthy Life (How You Lose 30 Pounds in 21-Day)

by Ronda Carlsser  

The Ketogenic Diet Sounds Really Good, So How Do You Start? This book will give you the actionable tips and ways to get you started on the ketogenic diet, providing you not only with the why but more importantly, the how to kick off this ketogenic diet program.  In Keto Diet for Beginners 2019 Cookbook you’ll find:BreakfastAppetizers and snacksBeef, lamb and porkPoultrySeafoodSoups and stewsDessertsAnd More … Read More

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No Way Back: The must-read romantic page turner

by Kelly Florentia  

"A brilliantly-woven tale of love, friendship, heartbreak and hope – I couldn’t put it down."Jill Finlay Fiction Editor of The Weekly News “a must-read for anyone who loves intelligent, grown-up romance” – Louise Douglas, bestselling author of The Secrets Between Us When two eligible and attractive men are vying for your heart, it should be the perfect dilemma… Audrey Fox … Read More

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Only the Truth

by Pat Brown  

Harkening back to the writing styles and small town settings of earlier American authors – John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, and Carson McCullers – "Only the Truth" is a psychological mystery with as many twists as the country road leading to the humble home of Billy Ray Hutchins, a lonely uneducated man living in the hills of Arkansas. Life changes little … Read More

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Just an Illusion, Side A: Side A (The Illusion Series Book 1)

by D. Kelly  

One night changed her life… Bestselling author Amelia Greyson has grown up in the music industry and isn’t the slightest bit fazed by fame or celebrities. However, when she attends a Bastards and Dangerous concert with her best friend Belle, her world shifts on its axis. Double trouble… Sawyer and Noah Weston are the front men of BAD. They’re fraternal … Read More

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A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions

by Leigh Davis  

The quiz book ‘A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions’ offers a range of quiz questions generally set at medium difficulty levels. Trivia subjects include sport, general knowledge, music, geography, history and lots more, It is written by the owner of the quiz website Hope you enjoy the book, Happy quizzing.

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Cool That Volcano: How to Help Children Stay Calm, Manage Anger and Master Emotions

by Peter Black  

Are your children difficult to control? Are you starting to worry that their constant temper tantrums and explosive anger are getting out of hand? You’re not alone. It is a fact that many children experience difficulties in managing their emotions, and can express anger in a damaging way that causes problems for them, and others around them. Which is where … Read More

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The SAS+ Security Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Yourself Safe at Home & Abroad

by Andrew Kain  

The new and fully updated and expanded edition of the bestselling security classic. Written by renowned ex-SAS security expert Andrew Kain, this handbook provides the most reliable, authoritative and respected security information on the market. Don’t leave home without it on your smartphone, laptop or ereader! Andrew Kain served in the SAS for 11 years, leaving in 1990 to set … Read More

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Radio Boy (Radio Boy, Book 1)

by Christian O'Connell  

From leading breakfast radio star Christian O’Connell comes a brilliant and laugh-out-loud story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary secret radio show. (Broadcast from his shed.) Meet Spike, aka Radio Boy: a new Adrian Mole on the radio for the internet generation. Spike’s your average awkward 11 year old, funny and cheeky and with a mum to reckon with. … Read More

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Crocodile Legion (A Roman Adventure Book 1)

by SJA Turney  

An exciting new series for children: The prefect of Egypt needs money. And the men of the 22nd Legion must brave mazes and tombs and curses and crocodile gods to get to it. Marcus and Callie, orphaned in ancient Alexandria and taken in by their uncle, the standard bearer in the legion, are about to travel up the great river … Read More

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The Butcher (Rub-a-Dub-Dub Book 1)

by Nathan Burrows  

She thought it was pork. She was wrong. The first time hapless food inspector Emily Underwood meets butcher Frank Pinch, he’s not got much at all in his display counters. But what he does have is a rather unusual plan to restock his shelves. The next time they bump into each other, he’s won an award for his sausages but … Read More

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A Perfect Cornish Summer: The perfect new summer book from the Queen of Cornish romance

by Phillipa Ashley  

The first in a gorgeous new series from the author of Summer at the Cornish Cafe, perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Milly Johnson. ‘A beautiful, uplifting feeling and a perfectly placed sense of community along with love and friendship make this a wonderful addition to your bookshelf’ Shaz’s Book Blog Summer is on the horizon, and the people … Read More

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The Iron Chariot: Voted The Greatest Norwegian Crime Novel of All Time

by Stein Riverton  

‘The founder of the modern Norwegian crime novel’ – Jo Nesbo On a blazing hot summer’s day, holidaymakers at a guesthouse on a Norwegian island are shocked to discover a fellow guest has been found murdered out on a desolate plain. The nameless narrator, an author, was the last person to see the victim alive; shortly afterwards, he was disturbed … Read More

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The Secret Runners of New York

by Matthew Reilly  

Gossip Girl meets Mad Max in this breakneck thriller from an international bestselling author where the line between rich and poor is the line between life and death. ‘The windows on all the skyscrapers are smashed . . . No power, no lights, no people . . .’ When Skye Rodgers and her twin brother Red move to Manhattan, rumours … Read More

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by Winter Renshaw  

All I wanted was a tattoo. What I got was a broody, enigmatic demigod with an electrifying touch and a mysterious past. We were night and day in every way possible, not an ounce of anything in common, and yet, I wanted him in the worst way. It didn’t matter that he was emotionally unavailable or that he was exactly … Read More

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The Hypnotist (Joona Linna, Book 1)

by Lars Kepler  

HE WILL TRAP YOU IN A WORLD OF TERROR The groundbreaking first novel in the bestselling Joona Linna thriller series. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo. A TRAUMATISED WITNESSKarolinska Hospital, Stockholm. Detective Inspector Joona Linna is faced with a boy who witnessed the gruesome murder of his family. He’s suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and is comatose with … Read More

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24 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There (24 Hours in Ancient History Book 1)

by Philip Matyszak  

Walk a day in a Roman’s sandals. What was it like to live in one of the ancient world’s most powerful and bustling cities – one that was eight times more densely populated than modern day New York? In this entertaining and enlightening guide, bestselling historian Philip Matyszak introduces us to the people who lived and worked there. In each … Read More

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by Emerald Fennell  

A blackly comic tale about two children you would never want to meet. Set in the Cornish town of Fowey, all is not as idyllic as the beautiful seaside town might seem. The body of a young woman is discovered in the nets of a fishing boat. It is established that the woman was murdered. Most are shocked and horrified. … Read More

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by Rose McGowan  

"My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another. BRAVE is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my life. I want to help you do the same." -Rose McGowan A revealing memoir and empowering manifesto – A voice for generations Rose McGowan was born in one cult … Read More

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The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal

by David E. Hoffman  

WATERSTONES NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE MONTH AUGUST 2018 AND A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘An astonishingly detailed picture of espionage in the 1980s, written with pacey journalistic verve and an eerily contemporary feel.’ Ben Macintyre, The Times ‘A gripping story of courage, professionalism, and betrayal in the secret world.’ Rodric Braithwaite, British Ambassador in Moscow, 1988-1992 ‘One of the best spy stories … Read More

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Revenge in the Cotswolds (The Cotswold Mysteries Book 13)

by Rebecca Tope  

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Thea Osborne is determined to avoid trouble during her latest commission house-sitting in the pretty Cotswold village of Daglingworth. Anticipating a relaxing two weeks looking after the client’s pets, brightened with phone calls to her boyfriend, Drew, Thea settles down for a quiet assignment. Until, that is, a dead body is discovered in a nearby quarry. Could the death be … Read More

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Hitler’s Children: Sons and Daughters of Third Reich Leaders

by Gerald Posner  

“A mesmerizing, blood-chilling book . . . The contrast between innocent childhood experience, and the awful understanding of that experience that came with time, is enough to make you weep"– Los Angeles Times “They were the architects of terror but they were also fathers. Now, for the first time, their children speak out . . . a fascinating book” – … Read More

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Last Bus to Coffeeville: A heartwarming story of love and friendship

by J. Paul Henderson  

Longlisted for the 2016 International Dublin Literary Award Nancy Skidmore has Alzheimer’s and her oldest friend Eugene Chaney III once more a purpose in life – to end hers. When the moment for Gene to take Nancy to her desired death in Coffeeville arrives, she is unexpectedly admitted to the secure unit of a nursing home and he has to … Read More

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Kill Me Twice: A compulsively gripping thriller perfect for fans of Harlan Coben (A Morgan Vine Thriller)

by Simon Booker  

‘Booker’s fast paced, twisting thrillers are a must-read for anyone who loves a good page turner’ Simon Kernick ‘A must-read’ Mark Billingham ‘Val McDermid meets Stephen King’ Hadley Freeman Karl Savage is dead.He must be. His ex, Anjelica, is in prison for murdering him in an arson attack. Multiple forensic experts testified to finding his charred remains.So when Anjelica begs … Read More

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The Midnight Watch: A gripping novel of the SS Californian, the ship that failed to aid the sinking Titanic

by David Dyer  

WINNER OF THE 2016 THE SOCIETY OF AUTHORS, MCKITTERICK PRIZE A fascinating, revelatory novel based on the true story of the ship, and its crew, that failed to come to the sinking Titanic’s aid. Set on board the Californian during those terrible hours, and in Boston in the aftermath of the disaster, Antonia Senior has called ‘historical fiction at its … Read More

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