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Tall Chimneys: A British Family Saga Spanning 100 Years

by Allie Cresswell  

**Awarded a silver medal by the influential Readers’ Favorite website and winner of the One Stop Fiction Five Star Book Award, Tall Chimneys is the best-selling novel by Allie Cresswell.** ** A novel of love, loneliness and loyalty. Readers are staying up all night to read this story of a British woman and the stately home which is her fortress … Read More

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Checkmate: This is War (Travis & Viola, #1) (Checkmate Duet)

by Kennedy Fox  

Checkmate: This is War is book 1 in the enemies-to-lovers romance duet that’ll have you crying with laughter one moment and screaming in frustration the next—but you’ll be begging to play the game with The King. Game on. Travis King is the worst kind of a**hole.He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards. He’s cruel, crass, … Read More

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ARISEN, Book Eleven – Deathmatch

by Michael Stephen Fuchs  

Readers call the ARISEN series: "A masterpiece" … "Riveting and mind blowing" … "Beyond thrilling" … "Relentless – Fuchs is a master of turning the screws" … "absolutely the finest storytelling I have ever had the pleasure to read" … "The writing is incredible, and the level of action is absolutely unmatched" … "There are truly no words to describe … Read More

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Orion: (a science fiction romance novel) (Star Guardians Book 1)

by Ruby Lionsdrake  

A born geek, Juanita has dreamed of exploring the stars for as long as she can remember. Getting kidnapped by slavers from another planet? Not so much. If she’s lucky, she might be able to convince the hot guy protecting her from the others to help her escape. A bounty hunter allied with the Star Guardians, Orion is undercover on … Read More

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Enthrall (Book 1) (Enthrall Sessions)

by Vanessa Fewings  

Experience the USA Today bestselling novel that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into the seductive world of Enthrall, the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles. Mia Lauren is a single, twenty-one-year old working in a West Hollywood art store who dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer. When an unexpected offer … Read More

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Missy the Werecat

by P. G. Allison  

Missy the Werecat: Book I When puberty brings on her first Shift, Missy goes into the mountains for two years until finally learning to Change back. She can Change from fully human in one instant to a mountain lion in the next. Everyone assumes her two year disappearance was because she'd been kidnapped by a sexual predator that she managed … Read More

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Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë  

Emily Brontë’s only novel, Wuthering Heights remains one of literature’s most disturbing explorations into the dark side of romantic passion. Heathcliff and Cathy believe they’re destined to love each other forever, but when cruelty and snobbery separate them, their untamed emotions literally consume them.

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Angel With A Bullet (Dixie Flynn Mystery Series Book 1)

by M.C. Grant  

Wisecracking reporter Dixie Flynn thinks fast and talks even faster―it’s the only way to survive the San Francisco crime beat. When she’s assigned to look into the death of her former lover, artist Diego Chino, Dixie’s instincts tell her there’s more behind the apparent suicide than the police are letting on. Dixie’s canvassing of the Bay Area art district reveals … Read More

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Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Book 1)

by Harper Lin  

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin: a dessert cozy mystery series with recipes! Francesca Amaro moves back to her hometown of Cape Bay, Massachusetts, and takes over the family business, Antonia’s Italian Café. She spends her days making delicious artisan cappuccinos, until she stumbles upon her neighbor’s dead body. When the police discover Mr. Cardosi was poisoned, Francesca becomes … Read More

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Once Bitten: The adventures and misadventures of a young veterinary surgeon

by Nick Marsh  

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When Alan Reece qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the dawn of the new millennium, he had a plan: save the world, one animal at a time.Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and Alan soon discovers he has far more enemies than he was expecting – aside from vicious pets, difficult owners, surly farmers, and children from … Read More

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Crikey a Bodyguard: A fun heart-warming read. Perfect for Summer!

by Kathryn Freeman  

Fabulous new book from the best selling author of Oh Crumbs and Too Damn Nice. Highly recommended.She’s got the brains, he’s got the muscle …When Kelly Bridge’s parents insist on employing a bodyguard for her protection, she’s not happy. Okay, so maybe not every woman is on the cusp of developing a vaccine against a potential biological terrorist attack – … Read More

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An Unwanted Guest: The chilling and gripping Richard and Judy Book Club bestseller

by Shari Lapena  

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER. The new pulse-pounding and unputdownable thriller from the author of the number one bestseller THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, and A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE. ‘Tense. Unpredictable. Unputdownable. Shari Lapena’s novels are domestic noir at its finest’ Simon Kernick____________________ We can’t choose the strangers we meet. As the guests arrive at beautiful, remote Mitchell’s Inn, they’re all … Read More

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Call Me Star Girl

by Louise Beech  

A taut, emotive and all-consuming psychological thriller, reminiscent of Play Misty for Me … from the critically acclaimed author of Maria in the Moon and The Lion Tamer Who Lost… ‘A complex and layered tale that charmed me as a much as it traumatised me. An atmospheric, haunting and beautifully written page turner!’ C L Taylor ‘Noirish psychological thriller with fascinating, disturbing characters. Compelling, twisty, and … Read More

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by Stephen Leather  

Premier League footballer Gabe Savage is on the way to one of the most important matches of his life when he gets a phone call from his wife. She has been kidnapped along with their young son. And the message from her captors is brutal: ‘If your team wins, your family dies.’ With the kick-off only hours away, there is … Read More

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The Test Of Courage: Michel Thomas: A Biography Of The Holocaust Survivor And Nazi-Hunter By Christopher Robbins

by Christopher Robbins  

The story of Michel Thomas reads like a thriller in which adventure and heartbreak combine to produce a unique form of wisdom. Until his death in 2005, he taught languages to ghetto kids, heads of industry and movie stars in a matter of days, succeeding even with people who considered themselves hopeless linguists. To those who have been taught by … Read More

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Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan

by Sam Childers  

A gun-toting preacher, a rebel army led by a madman, and entire villages slaughtered just because they were in the way. In Another Man’s War, follow Sam Childer’s remarkable transformation from violent thug to a man of faith, and his ongoing battle to save children in one of the world’s most lawless areas. “Another Man’s War is about true terrorism … Read More

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Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect Series Book 1)

by Mary Frame  

She’s never understood the point of romance, but now he’s going to show her. Lucy London is a genius. Having obtained her PhD in microbiology by the age of twenty, she’s amassed a wealth of knowledge, but one subject still eludes her—people. The pendulum of passions experienced by those around her confuses and intrigues her, so when she’s offered a … Read More

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Fault Lines

by Doug Johnstone  

Brilliantly constructed speculative crime fictionA classic whodunitDark psychological suspense Doug Johnstone returns with his most explosive and original thriller yet… A little lie … a seismic secret … and the cracks are beginning to show… In a reimagined contemporary Edinburgh, where a tectonic fault has opened up to produce a new volcano in the Firth of Forth, and where tremors … Read More

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Domina: More dangerous. More shocking. The thrilling new bestseller from the author of MAESTRA (Maestra 2)

by LS Hilton  

‘Fantastically good fun – sharp, sexy and intelligent . . . Something of a masterpiece’ Sunday Mirror ‘Like a ritzy 50 Shades meets The Da Vinci Code. It’s got sex, shopping, a few Old Masters and plenty of murder – what more could you want?’ Independent ‘Not to Miss!’ Marie Claire ‘Even more dangerous, shocking and provocative than its predecessor: … Read More

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After This Night (Seductive Nights Book 2)

by Lauren Blakely  

The sexy, emotional sequel to the NYT Bestseller Night After Night…Their world was passion, pleasure and secrets.Far too many secrets. But Clay Nichols can’t get Julia Bell out of his mind. He’s so drawn to her, and to the nights they shared, that he can’t focus on work or business. Only her. And she’s pissing him off with her hot … Read More

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No Place Like Home: a gripping psychological thriller

by Rebecca Muddiman  

Looking for a powerful and gripping new psychological thriller? Then discover the unmissable No Place Like Home today. What would you do if you came home to find someone in your house? This is the predicament Polly Cooke faces when she returns to her new home. The first weeks in the house had been idyllic, but soon Jacob, a local … Read More

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Dark Waters: A Deborah Jones Thriller (Deborah Jones Crime Thriller Series Book 2)

by J.B. Turner  

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A gripping political thriller with a killer twist for fans of Harlan Coben, Stieg Larsson, Sara Paretsky, Karin Slaughter and Michael Connelly.‘How far would you go to uncover the truth?’"Dark Waters was a gripping read . . . an edge-of-your-seat thriller and a must-read" – Tracey Lampley, Book Mistress Book BlogWhen the partially dismembered body of a young man is … Read More

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Cart Before The Horse (Denver Brides Series Book 1)

by Bernadette Marie  

Gabriel Maguire thought he’d buried his past until the night he met Holly, only to lose the woman he cared about, again. Holly Jacobs has always put the cart before the horse. A prodigy who shot to stardom in textile design, she never knew a normal life—and there’s nothing she longs for more than to be normal. Pregnant before she … Read More

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Revenge: Blood Runs Deep

by Mitchell and Mitchell  

*‘The Bookbag’ site awarded 4 stars to this novel (see their comments below.*) It is 1660 and times are changing: for Charles Stuart, soon to be King, and for 18 year old Ruth Courtney, violently cast adrift from everything and everyone she knows and loves following a raid on her home. Seeking a new life for herself she finds she … Read More

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Wrong Side of Hell (The DeathSpeaker Codex Book 1)

by Sonya Bateman  

Life was a whole lot easier when the dead stayed dead. I thought I was human. Apparently, I was wrong. I didn’t even know there were non-humans. Others, they’re called. Fairies, vampires, even the bogeyman — they’re all real. At least, that’s what the werewolf told me when I saved her from the cops. Did I mention that I saved … Read More

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The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter: A gripping, unforgettable page-turner

by Hazel Gaynor  

‘Compelling… I can’t recommend this one highly enough.’ Gill Paul, bestselling author of The Secret Wife‘Exquisite… a clear head and shoulders above the rest’ Sunday Independent‘A splendid read… Not to be missed.’ Kate Quinn ( New York Times Bestselling Author of The Alice Network) 1838: when a terrible storm blows up off the Northumberland coast, Grace Darling, the lighthouse-keeper’s daughter, … Read More

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Into Darkness

by Anton Gill  

Germany, 1944. The Führer has just survived another assassination attempt. But Germany is losing the war. Stauffenberg’s attempted assassination and coup originated from inside the government and military. Is the Nazi Party about to turn on itself? Order must be restored and the High Command is calling for blood. Max Hoffmann is enlisted, under Hitler’s instruction, to carry out an … Read More

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The Temptation of Gracie

by Santa Montefiore  

THE ENCHANTING NEW NOVEL FROM THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR **Winner of The Goldsboro Books Historical Romantic Novel Award 2019**Never give up on your dreams, no matter how long you hold on to them . . .   When Gracie Burton stumbles upon an advertisement for a week-long cookery course in the heart of the Tuscan countryside,she cannot resist, and ploughs her life savings into the trip.   … Read More

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Hulk: World War Hulk

by Greg Pak  

Collects World War Hulk (2007) #1-5. Hulk found peace on the planet Sakaar. But when the warp core of the ship that brought him there exploded, killing his family, Hulk vowed to destroy his betrayers – the heroes of Earth!

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