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Once Upon a River: The Sunday Times Bestseller

by Diane Setterfield  

‘Infused with the spirit of Jane Eyre, Rebecca and The Woman in White’ – Independent‘I was completely spellbound’ – Ruth Hogan‘A delight…I devoured it’ – Jo Baker‘Truly extraordinary’ – Dinah Jeffries Some say the river drowned her…Some say it brought her back to life ____________________ On a dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the Thames, the regulars are … Read More

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Where You Go (The Rambler Battalion Series Book 1)

by Claire Cain  

When Alex Moore leaves New York in search of a slower pace, her life is turned upside down at the sight of her oldest friend and first love Luke Waterford. Alex is shocked by their instant attraction and the sense of home she feels with a man she hasn’t seen in ten years. Luke’s time in the Army has made … Read More

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Condemn Me Not: Accused of Witchcraft

by Heather B. Moore  

“This woman was one of the most impudent, scurrilous, wicked creatures of this world; and she did now throughout her whole trial discover herself to be such a one. Yet when she was asked what she had to say for herself, her chief plea was that she had led a most virtuous and holy life.” —Reverend Cotton Mather, 1692 USA … Read More

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TENSE – Volume One (The TENSE Duet Book 1)

by Deborah Bladon  

The first volume of TENSE, a novel duet by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Deborah Bladon. He’s as beautiful as he is brilliant. Nicholas Wolf’s mind is a dangerously dark place. He dreams up tales of murder, intrigue, and passion so intense that his detective novels have enthralled readers worldwide. His very presence is electric and the … Read More

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You are loved an email memoir

by Lisa Lucca  

If the choice to live an authentic life came with a steep price, would you pay it?  When lifelong friends Mark and Lisa reconnect after many years, they are bothseeking something more in their ordinary lives. Cynical about marriage,yet devoted to his young daughter, Mark is seeking life purpose and direction,while single mom Lisa is embarking on a new career and looking … Read More

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Death in a Northern Town 2: No Rest for the Living

by Peter Mckeirnon  

Also available – Death in a Northern Town 1Death in a Northern Town 3: Dead Man Walking "My name is John Diant. Father, brother, head of the anti-mayonnaise society and slayer of the living dead. It’s now over a day since I last updated this journal. Over a day since my daughter Emily, her boyfriend Jonathon and my retro friend … Read More

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Can’t Let Go: A Domestic Thriller

by Alison Claire Grey  

When a woman marries for money… she earns every penny. Larkin and Graham Hadley come from completely different worlds. She’s from the trailer park… he’s from the yacht club. Inexplicably, they fall in love. Suddenly, Larkin has the kind of life she never even dared to dream of. Yet even as the wife of a man from a prominent Charleston … Read More

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Credit Repair: How To Repair Credit And Remove ALL Negative Items From Your Credit Report Forever

by Richard Stanton  

Your Ultimate Credit Repair Manual – Updated and Expand 3rd Edition The secrets to keeping your credit score on top! ★ ★ ★ This Book is FREE – For Kindle Unlimited Users ★ ★ ★ Not Happy With Your Credit Score? Believe it our not but your credit score has an impact in every aspect of your life. Your credit … Read More

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Plain Roots

by Becki Willis  

Named 2019 Best Mystery by the Texas Association of Authors>This gripping novel will touch your heart and stay with you long after the last page. Taryn is searching for her birth mother, but what she finds isn’t what she expects. Her quest takes her to the Amish countryside of Lancaster County, PA. How could somewhere so tranquil and serene hold … Read More

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Number Thirteen

by Bella Jewel  

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**AUTHOR NOTE – This is NOT a BDSM Romance. It has a Happily Ever After and is not a cliff-hanger** This isn’t a dark romance, nor is it a light fluffy one. It’s broken, and captivating, and a story of two people putting themselves back together. It’s a story of a broken man who found his way to heal with … Read More

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Haunted Ground

by Irina Shapiro  

When American Lexi Maxwell buys a derelict mansion in a quaint English village and sets about turning it into a manor-house hotel, it’s a dream come true. But, events take a turn for the bizarre, as a heartbroken ghost makes a nightly appearance and kneels beneath a tree next to a centuries-old ruin, and people in the village keep commenting … Read More

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SIMPLE: effortless food, big flavours

by Diana Henry  

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Winner of The Fortnum & Mason Cookery Book of the Year Award 2017 ‘This is everything I want from a cookbook: inspiration, intelligent company, great good-mood food, and beautiful writing.’Nigella Lawson ‘No one writes about food so beautifully with recipes which are, as the title says, simple to prepare yet always enticing. A treasure both to give and receive.’ Julia … Read More

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The Secret Kiss of Darkness (Choc Lit) (Shadows From The Past Book 2)

by Christina Courtenay  

The Secret Kiss Of Darkness is a thrilling and magical story with plenty of mystery, intrigue and romance! Megan Reading in the Sunshine. Top 500 Reviewer.Pure romance every step of the way, slick writing, original twists and great characters lift it head and shoulders above the norm, an immensely enjoyable and satisfying read from cover to cover. BeadyJan Top 1000 … Read More

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Reclamation (The Art of War Trilogy Book 1)

by Richard Swan  

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Espionage, intelligence, warfare, politics, religion, diplomacy, genocide… the Reclamation has begun. Tier Three: a compact of six vast interstellar empires, intricately bound by political, diplomatic and trade accords. Together, after centuries of massacres, brushfire wars, trade embargoes and political assassinations, they have finally brought a modicum of peace to a turbulent galaxy. But all of it is about to unravel. … Read More

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Dragon of Ash & Stars: The Autobiography of a Night Dragon

by H. Leighton Dickson  

“People say that a Dragon breathes Fire. That is a myth. A Dragon IS Fire and his Whole Life is the Story of his Burning – Page by Blistering Page.”WINNER of the 2017 Book Excellence Award for Fantasy:Adventure"Brilliant, Insightful and Spiritual." – West Coast Book Reviews Stormfall is a dragon born with a coat the colour of a starry night. … Read More

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Immortal Plague: A Warriors of Light and Dark Novel (The Judas Chronicles Book 1)

by Aiden James  

THE GREAT BETRAYER…IN HIS OWN WORDS. First in the pulse-pounding, action-packed “Judas Chronicles” series by bestselling author Aiden James. William Barrow carries a dark secret. A very dark secret. An archivist for the Smithsonian Institute and also a part-time operative for the CIA, no one would ever suspect the handsome ‘thirty-ish’ William is in fact the most reviled human being … Read More

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Forbidden Mind (Paranormal Spy Academy Book 1)

by Karpov Kinrade  

From USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade comes an award-winning academy series full of romance and page-turning suspense. She reads minds. He controls minds. Together, they might get out alive. I’ve seen into the minds of killers and have crawled into the darkest mental corners of humanity, but even I wasn’t prepared for this. I thought that when I turned … Read More

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From the Outside: A breathtaking story of regret and redemption told from beyond the grave

by Clare Johnston  

‘Original, intoxicating and oozing intrigue, this is a mesmerising twister of a story that sucks you in from the very first page.’ – Shari Low ‘I can’t recommend From the Outside enough! So full of heart and warmth, as well as intrigue and twists.’ – Alice Hinds, Sunday Post ‘A gripping read from another brilliant Scottish author.’ – Judy Murray … Read More

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The Dead Chill (The Sidney Becker Mysteries Book 2)

by Linda Berry  

When a young Native American woman is found brutally murdered, a shock wave rips through the peaceful town of Garnerville, Oregon. Murder here is rare. Police Chief Sidney Becker, a highly skilled detective, is relentless. She won’t rest until the killer is in custody. Sidney learns from tribal members that the victim had been releasing animals trapped by poachers. A … Read More

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A Ghostly Charm

by MJ Fredrick  

An isolated island off the coast of South Carolina, a cursed Celtic symbol, a ghost tour led by a handsome charlatan, and a reporter determined to debunk anything supernatural come together in A Ghostly Charm.Maddy Saunders has come to McDavid Island on assignment for a new magazine, wondering how she’ll ever rebuild her ruined reputation by writing about ghosts.Mal Sheridan … Read More

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The Shadow of the High King: The Weaving Shadows Book One

by Frank Dorrian  

Violence, betrayal and vengeance rot Caermark from within. King Aenwald, a murderous tyrant determined to continue his twenty-year rule, will suffer no man that lusts for power. But those who came long before the Kings of Caermark stir once again, after a hundred years of silence, and even Aenwald’s iron fist may struggle to hold them and the chaos they … Read More

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A STRANGE BEGINNING: A STAND-ALONE Biographical NOVEL (The Lord Byron Series Book 1)

by Gretta Curran Browne  

Perfect for fans of POLDARK and DOWNTON ABBEY Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner Finalist in the IAN Book Of The Year Award for Outstanding Historical Fiction He was later to become known as "The most beautiful and most famous man in England" — but not yet…. As a boy he thought his name was George Gordon, but that wasn’t true. … Read More

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by Laramie Briscoe  

A forced sentence leads to a reckless passion……. Hadley When my husband walked out on me over a year ago, it devastated me. When the divorce papers came, it killed me. When we had to sell our house, it broke me. But then he moved in with his new flavor of the month and told our daughter his new woman … Read More

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The Shepherd’s Hut

by Tim Winton  

Fierce and lyrical, The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton is a story of survival, solitude and unlikely friendship. Most of all it is about what it takes to keep hope alive in a parched and brutal world. For years Jaxie Clackton has dreaded going home. His beloved mum is dead, and he wishes his dad was too, until one terrible … Read More

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The Girl in White: a chilling psychological thriller

by John Nicholl  

A chilling new psychological thriller from an internationally bestselling authorIntroducing DI Laura Kesey… Harry Gilmore has no idea of the terrible danger he faces when he meets a beautiful girl in a local student bar. Drugged and abducted, Harry wakes up in a secure wooden compound deep in the Welsh countryside, where he is groomed by the leaders of a … Read More

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