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Radio Boy (Radio Boy, Book 1)

by Christian O'Connell  

From leading breakfast radio star Christian O’Connell comes a brilliant and laugh-out-loud story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary secret radio show. (Broadcast from his shed.) Meet Spike, aka Radio Boy: a new Adrian Mole on the radio for the internet generation. Spike’s your average awkward 11 year old, funny and cheeky and with a mum to reckon with. … Read More

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ARISEN, Book Seven – Death of Empires

by Glynn James  

Readers call the ARISEN series:"As well written and conceived as any book I have ever read" … "Wall to wall adrenaline – edge of your seat unputdownable until the very last page" … "utterly compelling" … "Blows World War Z out of the water" … "THE BOSS of the zombie apocalypse genre" … "The pace and action are breathtaking" … … Read More

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The Cabbage Garden

by Fabiana Addy  

In an attempt to remember who she is and what brought her to the elusive town of Chesternutville, a book translator embarks on a quest along which she meets a peculiar and knowledgeable postman, a rich explorer, a strawberry picker, an old ballerina, a goddess and a painter. Each of them has a secret and they are all looking for … Read More

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That Summer (Caney Creek Series Book 1)

by Jo Huddleston  

To escape his poppa’s physical abuse and their dirt-poor farm life, Jim flees to an imagined prosperous city life where he can make his own choices, ignoring God patiently knocking on his heart’s door. Settled in town, Jim strays from God and the way of faith his momma taught him. He meets a girl and loses his heart … and … Read More

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Madame Bovary

by Gustave Flaubert  

In a provincial village far from Paris, a doctor named Charles Bovary marries a beautiful farm girl: Emma. She rapidly grows bored with him and takes a rich landowner as a lover. When her lover rejects her, she takes up with a law clerk. Her husband knows nothing of her romances, nor does he know that Emma has ruined him … Read More

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Escape, A New Life

by David Antocci  

To save herself, she had to lose everything. Trapped in a tropical paradise with no memory of how she got there, Abby is thrust into a fight for her life. Hunted by a madman, and chased by unsettling dreams of her past, she meets up with Eric. Together they set out to escape. Yet, they discover this deceptive paradise is harder … Read More

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The Damaged: A Dark Psychological Thriller

by simon law  

The storm of ’87 had been the greatest, most ferocious storm to have hit Britain in centuries. The suffering that ensued was plentiful, but none more so than that of little Matthew Mason, whose parents were brutally murdered in the midst of the storm by a homeless man desperate to find shelter.After 25 years of torment, Matthew is released from … Read More

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Rise Above (Rocke series Book 1)

by L G Campbell  

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Lily Rocke, learnt from a young age how to act as though everything was okay, to use humour to hide what she was really feeling.Battling with her constant worries and anxieties. Her need to always put others first. Her life consisted of being close to her crazy family and working in her predictable and unfulfilling job, this is how she … Read More

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POSTHUMOUS The life and deaths of Hannah Franklin (The Franklin Trilogy Book 1)

by James Davidson  

It is December 2012. German born Hannah Franklin declares to her family that she is terminally ill with cancer. With only weeks to live, she reveals secrets about her past that place her at the heart of the Third Reich at the end of the Second World War. Her Grandson, Alex, a history teacher, is faced with the task to … Read More

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Nostra Dame: A True Story

by Jacqueline Evans  

Discover the true story of a woman trying to make sense of a mysterious world.  I suppressed what came naturally to me in my early years, but a pivotal moment in my mid-twenties opened a door to what lay dormant.  The depth of knowledge that ensued began to snowball, leading me to predict global events and high-profile murder investigations. Each piece … Read More

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The Bratva’s Baby: A Dark Mafia Romance (Wicked Doms)

by Jane Henry  

My orders are simple. Capture her.Marry her.Take her inheritance.Get rid of her. The bookish little recluse is worth more than she knows. She’s an unassuming librarian.I’m the brigadier of the Russian Bratva.She has no friends.I command a small army.She’s a modest woman. And now she’s mine. Please note: This dark romance features elements of non-consent, violence, and kinky, sexual scenarios. … Read More

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A BREACH OF TRUST: A DCI Blizzard murder mystery

by John Dean  

A corrupt wealthy industrialist is found dead. When his family shed crocodile tears, DCI Blizzard turns the screw. The closure of the Smarts factory in a northern industrial city put many people out of work. Nothing was ever proven, but suspicions of serious financial corruption were rife. So when the aged owner is found dead in his home, DCI John … Read More

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Alien Bonds (Wakanreo Book 1)

by Carmen Webster Buxton  

A story of two very different people from two very different cultures, a sort of AVATAR combined with PRIDE & PREJUDICE. In ALIEN BONDS, two lives are changed in an instant. Industrial chemist Dina Bellaire travels all the way to the planet Wakanreo to advance her career. Her carefully planned life goes up in flames the second she meets Kuaron … Read More

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Vaccines Are Dangerous – And Don’t Work

by Dr Vernon Coleman  

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The author of this book has been lied about and libelled by pro drug company, pro vaccine reviewers who cannot abide facts, debate or conclusions which threaten the vaccine industry. This book is a critical analysis of the real value of vaccination – written for patients and containing information about childhood vaccinations, flu vaccine etc. Packed with scientific information and … Read More

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Montana Cherries (The Wildes of Birch Bay Book 1)

by Kim Law  

After her mother’s tragic death, Dani Wilde had no choice but to abandon her dreams. She left Columbia University and returned to her family’s Montana cherry farm, intent on being a maternal figure to her brothers. Now the kids are grown, and it’s finally her time to fly. Her sights are on New York City, and nothing will stop her—not … Read More

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Loving The Princess (Mills & Boon Kimani) (The Royal Weddings, Book 2)

by A.C. Arthur  

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To kiss a royal As Grand Serenity’s goodwill ambassador, Princess Samantha DeSaunters lives a dazzling, high-profile life. Her own romantic dreams come second to her devotion to her island realm. Until she impulsively kisses a sexy stranger at a political gala. Now the reticent royal can’t get enough of Garrison Montgomery, the former soldier hired to keep her and the … Read More

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Dreaming of Florence: The feel-good read of summer!

by T.A. Williams  

Fresh pasta, red wine, fine art… and love? Find enchantment this year in the magical city of Florence When Debbie Waterson’s bicycle crashes into handsome doctor Pierluigi, she wonders if her luck has changed. Determinedly single after ending a long relationship, at last, a man worth bumping into! Inspired to visit Florence, she soon runs headlong into that old foe: … Read More

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We can Work it out: Two people, one opportunity

by Belle Henderson  

Never lick a 20p coin! When single mum, Emily, encounters bumbling Jamie licking a 20p coin to get the parking meter to accept it, she feels sorry for him. On her way to an interview for the best opportunity of her career, she certainly doesn’t expect to see him again, much less for him to be her rival. When Jamie … Read More

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Bombardier – The Complete Series

by SD Tanner  

Born to lead. Destined to fail. Determined to win. The Complete Bombardier TrilogyThis omnibus edition of the Bombardier Trilogy contains all three books: Tyranny, Treason and Empire. Ark is Commander of the Bombardiers, the transformed soldiers working as the United Guild’s army in space. Two hundred years earlier, aliens used mankind’s own DNA to destroy Earth. Now, Bombardiers hunt for … Read More

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Rangers Betrayed (Sgt. Dunn Novels Book 6)

by Ronn Munsterman  

U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant Tom Dunn’s newest squad member has a dark secret. And a plan. Nazi Germany’s V2 rockets are streaking down on London, indiscriminately killing civilians. The Allies are desperate to find out how the weapons work. Dunn and his British counterpart, Commando Sergeant Malcolm Saunders, are assigned separate, but related missions. Albert Speer, the Nazi Minister of … Read More

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by Leta Blake  

Can a priest and a rock star obey love’s call? Seventeen years ago, Jasper Hendricks and Nicholas Blumfeld’s childhood friendship turned into a secret, blissful love affair. They spent several idyllic months together until Jasper’s calling to the Catholic priesthood became impossible to ignore. Left floundering, Nicky followed his own trajectory into rock stardom, but he never stopped looking back. … Read More

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Little Mishaps and Big Surprises: Heart-warming, feel good romantic comedy

by CJ Morrow  

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Charlie’s life was perfect, until that one fateful night…. Charlie has a great life, a fab flat in Covent Garden, a satisfying career and great friends. She certainly doesn’t need a man to complete her. Her life couldn’t be better. Or could it? From an episode of doggy incontinence to a vomit incident in the M&S food hall, life has … Read More

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The IF Diet

by Robert Skinner  

New Year price cut – 99 c / 99 p – LIMITED TIME ONLY This is a best-selling guide to intermittent fasting. It has 3 plans, all of which improve your body: – quickly– safely– and permanently Written clearly, it contains everything you need to succeed. Other areas include: Cellulite, protein, whether to go low-carb, detoxing, sugar, skipping breakfast, feeling … Read More

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Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose

by Andy Cope  

Start living the life you’ve always wanted It could be that you’ve figured everything out on your own and have ended up acing your career, meeting and marrying your perfect partner, producing three wonderful kids, owning a holiday home in Mustique and having a drop-dead gorgeous life. In which case, we applaud you. If, on the other hand, you need the … Read More

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The Crossing: The shocking truth about gang wars in Brexit Britain

by Wensley Clarkson  

The Dartford Crossing: a vital transport hub connecting Kent and Essex, the busiest river crossing in Europe, and the site of some of the most vicious organised crime today… For the last decade, there has been a intense turf war in the south-east of England between two sets of criminal gangs: On one side, there’s the ‘Establishment’ – the old-school … Read More

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After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam

by Lesley Hazleton  

In this gripping narrative history, Lesley Hazleton tells the tragic story at the heart of the ongoing rivalry between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam, a rift that dominates the news now more than ever. Even as Muhammad lay dying, the battle over who would take control of the new Islamic nation had begun, beginning a succession crisis marked by … Read More

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Peacemakers Six Months that Changed The World

by Margaret MacMillan  

After the war to end all wars, men and women from all over the world converged on Paris for the Peace Conference. At its heart were the three great powers – Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau – but thousands of others came too, each with a different agenda. Kings, prime ministers and foreign ministers with their crowds of advisers … Read More

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