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The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart: The laugh-out-loud love story of the year!

by Anna Bell  

"Romantic and refreshing" Mhairi McFarlane. A hilarious new romantic comedy for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella or A Year Of Being Single Abi’s barely left her bed since Joseph, the love of her life, dumped her, saying they were incompatible. When Joseph leaves a box of her possessions on her doorstep, she finds a bucket list of ten things … Read More

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The Instant When Everything is Perfect

by Jessica Barksdale Inclan  

Mia thought she had everything-a thriving career, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful sons. But illness shakes her out of her comfort zone when her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. At her mother’s bedside, she meets someone whose presence seems to fill a void in her, a void she wasn’t even aware existed. Robert is happily convinced he’s going … Read More

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A Berry Deadly Welcome: A Humorous Cozy Mystery (Kylie Berry Mysteries Book 1)

by A.R. Winters  

Welcome to Sarah’s Eatery, where the food is to-die-for!Escaping a dreadful marriage and an angry ex-husband, Kylie Berry moves to the small town of Camden Falls, Kentucky, to run her cousin’s café, Sarah’s Eatery. Only one problem: Kylie can’t cook to save her life, and the longtime chef walks out on Kylie’s first day. "Winters will have you giggling into … Read More

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Zelda and the Crystal Slippers (The Crystal Adventures Book 1)

by R. W. Mitchell  

What if all the ‘Once Upon a Times’ and ‘Happily Ever Afters’ were in fact all lies? Join Zelda, one of Cinderella’s ‘ugly’ sisters on her quest around the Seven Fairytale Kingdoms. Expect the unexpected in this magical adventure story as Zelda befriends the Big Bad Wolf, comes face to face with bloodthirsty blind mice, tackles dangerous pirates and battles … Read More

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Dancing To The Pizzica

by Richard Walmsley  

A TALE OF ROMANCE, INTRIGUE, VENDETTA AND THE INSIDUOUS HOLD OF THE MAFIA IN SOUTHERN ITALY AND ABROAD.Adam, a maverick Englishman approaching middle age, is captivated by his new life in southern Italy. He is seduced by the beautiful Rosaria and by the hypnotic local dance known as the Pizzica. Finding himself falling deeply in love, he is drawn unwittingly … Read More

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Witch Forgotten (Witches of Night Meadow Book 1)

by V. Vaughn  

Come to Night Meadow Island, where love is flowing, sisters rule and magic is real. 

 When Corinne Knight wakes up with amnesia, she doesn’t know how to use the magic her family claims she has. Considering she and her twin run a magical baked goods business, the fact that she can’t remember how to spell the recipes is bothersome. … Read More

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Chloe – Lost Girl (Carl Sant Murder Mysteries Book 1)

by Dan Laughey  

A missing student. A gunned-down detective. A woman in fear for her life. All three are connected. Detective Inspector Carl Sant and his team get on the case. But what links the disappearance of a university student, the death of an off-duty police sergeant, and a professor reluctant to help them solve the case? Their only clue is a sequence … Read More

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God’s Hammer: A Viking Age Novel (Hakon’s Saga Book 1)

by Eric Schumacher  

History and legend combine in the gripping tale of Hakon Haraldsson, a Christian boy who once fought for the High Seat of a Viking realm. It is 935 A.D. and the North is in turmoil. King Harald Fairhair has died, leaving the High Seat of the realm to his murderous son, Erik Bloodaxe. To solidify his claim, Erik ruthlessly disposes … Read More

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Troubles (Beekman Hills)

by K.C. Enders  

LISBETH RITTENHOUSE keeps her head down and works hard—she has goals, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving them—especially not a sexy Irishman. Because she knows that relationships only lead to trouble, and she’s had enough of that to last a lifetime. AIDAN KEARNEY lands in the small town of Beekman Hills, New York desperate to outrun the … Read More

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by Robert Bunch  

“The city wasn’t attacked, Oliver.”“What?”“Look out at the guardhouses on each point. Neither one is damaged. How could an attack have come from the sea without damaging those? And where are the attacking ships and soldiers?”“Not sure, I guess. There are clear signs of fighting, though, and no signs of meteors. Someone was here.”Ponce grabbed a burlap sack that had … Read More

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The Amulet: An uplifting Greek romantic comedy

by Effrosyni Moschoudi  

Katie has a guardian angel… she just doesn’t know it. Plus, she’s falling for him. When Katie loses her office job, a gypsy woman hands her an amulet for good luck. Next, she gets hired as hotel receptionist on a Greek island where gorgeous Aggelos, one of the guests, keeps saving the day whenever she needs help. Katie is intrigued … Read More

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Thicker than Blood (Thicker than Blood series Book 1)

by C. J. Darlington  

Christy Williams finally has her life on track. She’s putting her past behind her and working hard to build her career as a buyer for a large used bookstore. So far she’s been able to keep her drinking problem at bay, but everything changes when she lands a DUI on her thirty-third birthday. When she’s accused of a crime she … Read More

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Woom: An Extreme Psychological Horror Novel

by Duncan Ralston  

EXTREME CONTENT WARNING! This book contains explicit violence and sexual content. Do not purchase this book if you are easily offended or require trigger warnings! "Trust me when I say, this is messed up." – MATT SHAW, author of Sick B*stards. "The MOST depraved piece of literature I’ve ever read, and that includes the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of … Read More

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Curse the Day (Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Annabel Chase  

Welcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal. The only magic Emma Hart believes in is caffeine and the power of the dryer to lose one sock per load. A public interest lawyer buried under a mound of student debt, Emma’s whole life has been one turn of bad luck after another. Her streak seems to continue when she … Read More

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An Amish Heirloom: A Legacy of Love, The Cedar Chest, The Treasured Book, The Midwife’s Dream

by Amy Clipston  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston Local volunteer fire fighter Leon King agrees to repair his ex-girlfriend Susie Bontrager’s grandparents’ antique rocking chairs for her future home with her fiance and is forced to acknowledge that his feelings for her have not quite gone away. As Susie spends time with Leon, she begins to recognize she is marrying the wrong … Read More

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Changing Trains: One boy’s journey of discovery across 1980s Europe

by Mark Johnson  

A sun-kissed, gay coming-of-age adventure that will take you on a life-changing journey from the present day back to the 1980s as uncertain and unworldly Sam sets off on an Interrail trip across Europe in search of adventure and self discovery. Changing Trains is a fictionalised memoire that will transport you back to the glorious 1980s – that time just … Read More

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The Blackwell Files: Volumes I, II, & III

by Steven F. Freeman  

Blackwell Beginnings… NEFARIOUS: a fast-paced foray charting the investigation of an ex-Army captain and an intelligent, beautiful FBI agent into a covert, sinister project. "A heady thriller that gathers force with the understated menace of a tidal wave, then smashes home…Readers will be absorbed by Freeman’s never-flashy expertise…Superb touches of eeriness creep in." Kirkus Indie Reviews RUTHLESS: Alton and Mallory … Read More

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LAST GASP; An absolutely gripping serial killer thriller with a stunning twist: The DCI Jamie Carver Series Book#1

by Robert F Barker  

"Among the best in the genre I have ever come across." (5* Amazon reviewer)The last time DCI Jamie Carver let a would-be victim act as bait for a serial killer, it ended badly. Now they want him to do it again – only this time the ‘victim’ is a dominatrix. As if he hasn’t enough on his plate-A brutal killer … Read More

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Roadkill (Double Barrel Mysteries Book 1)

by Barbara Ellen Brink  

Blake and Shelby Gunner think they’re living the perfect life. He’s a hotshot homicide detective and she is doing what she loves best, small theatre acting. But after an arrest goes badly and Blake is shot and injured, they decide to leave the crime-ridden city for the quiet, quirky little hamlet where he grew up. Nestled along Lake Superior in … Read More

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Lost Solace

by Karl Drinkwater  

Sometimes spaceships disappear with everyone on board – the Lost Ships. But sometimes they come back, strangely altered, derelict, and rumoured to be full of horrors. Opal is on a mission. She's been seeking something her whole life. Something she is willing to die for. And she thinks it might be on a Lost Ship. Opal has stolen Clarissa, an … Read More

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In Her Wake

by Amanda Jennings  

A perfect life … until she discovered it wasn’t her own. A tragic family event reveals devastating news that rips apart Bella’s comfortable existence. Embarking on a personal journey to uncover the truth, she faces a series of traumatic discoveries that take her to the ruggedly beautiful Cornish coast, where hidden truths, past betrayals and a 25-year-old mystery threaten not … Read More

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

by T. Harv Eker  

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind reveals the missing link between wanting success and achieving it! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle? Is the difference found in their education, intelligence, skills, timing, work habits, contacts, luck, or their choice of jobs, businesses, or investments? The … Read More

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Gotta Have Faith: A Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Book 1

by Becky Doughty  

Can a small town cowgirl and a big-time city boy risk a second chance at happily ever after? Faith Goodacre has overcome major obstacles to save her family and bring Seven Virtues Ranch back from the brink of disaster. So when her high school sweetheart shows up out of the blue hoping to win back her heart – oh, and … Read More

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Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell

by M.C. Beaton  

Love, like hell, is a four-letter word for Agatha . . . No happily ever after for her! Recently married to neighbour James Lacey, Agatha quickly finds that love is not all it’s cracked up to be – soon the newly-weds are living in separate cottages and accusing each other of infidelity. Then, after a fight down the local pub, … Read More

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A Love Made New (An Amish of Birch Creek Novel Book 3)

by Kathleen Fuller  

Abigail Schrock knows God can make all things new, but does that include her broken heart? It seems as if everyone is falling in love in Birch Creek, including Abigail Schrock. But when heartbreak descends on her already fragile world, she can’t help but feel that if she’d only been a little prettier, she could be on her way down … Read More

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Shadow of a Century: An Irish Love Story

by Jean Grainger  

A broken woman, New York, 2016.  A fearless rebel, Dublin 1916. And a gripping story that spans a century.   USA Today Bestselling Author Jean Grainger, wants to take you to Ireland.  During a time of great upheaval and unrest in Ireland, as men and women run to take up arms against the tyranny and occupation of the British Empire, the lives … Read More

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Sweet Caroline (A Lowcountry Romance Book 1)

by Rachel Hauck  

Caroline serves others with little time to enjoy the sweeter parts of life. Until her old boyfriend returns to town–and she’s given a second chance at first love. Life hasn’t always been so sweet for Caroline Sweeny. She’s sacrifice her desires for others–unlike her mother who abandoned their family years ago. But when a friend challenges her to accept an … Read More