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The Christmas Wish List: The perfect feel-good festive read to settle down with this winter

by Heidi Swain  

'The queen of feel-good' Woman & Home ***The sparkling new Christmas novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author Heidi Swain!*** After being let go from her job in a swanky hotel just weeks before Christmas, Hattie is feeling lost. Even more so when her high-flying boyfriend announces he’s landed his dream job in Abu Dhabi and asks her to move with him. Luckily, Hattie’s … Read More

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The Magic Is Inside You: Powerful & Positive Thinking For Confident Children (Positive Mindset For Kids Book 1)

by Cathy Domoney  

Join Madeleine as she learns how to take control of her thinking and turn her thoughts into a powerful, positive, can-do mindset which paves her way to confidence and success. Suggested activities included for parents, teachers and carers to use together with their children to develop a positive self-esteem. Teacher and Life-Coach Cathy Domoney introduces children and parents to the … Read More

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Bouquet Toss (Love of My Life Series Book 1)

by Melissa Brown  

Ever since Daphne Harper graduated from college, all of her friends have fallen in love, become engaged and walked down the aisle. Be it a blessing or a curse, Daphne (a hopeless romantic and perpetual single girl) catches the bouquet at every single wedding she attends. Daphne’s love life is a mess. Her first love, Mayson, haunts her heart and … Read More

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by Bus Stop Guides  

BUS STOP READS ARE SHORT QUICK READS 17 DEADLY WOMEN THROUGH THE AGES TRUE CRIME: WOMEN SERIAL KILLERS Our society can barely account for evil in males, let alone imagine it in females. The female nests, creates, and nurtures doesn’t she or is it that we just want to believe in the intrinsic non-threatening nature of women?Yet, history is full … Read More

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The Witches’ Journal: Recipes, spells, poems, tea leaves, candles, familiars, and more… (Witchwood Estate Collectables Book 1)

by Patti Roberts  

ebook – a condensed version of the paperback copy.Print version $15.99 – jam-packed with lots of witchy extras. A fun little book to help you find your inner witch. Recipes, spells, birthstones, witchcraft terminology, candles, flowers, poetry, broom history, animal familiars, tea leaf reading, and more. In fairy-tales of long ago, witches dressed in flowing black gowns, wore pointy hats, … Read More

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Superfoods Cookbook: Over 95 Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Recipes full of Antioxidants & Phytochemicals (Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book 29)

by Don Orwell  

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How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Diet?FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the … Read More

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A Sellsword’s Compassion: Book One of the Seven Virtues

by Jacob Peppers  

Faced with mythical assassins, a madman with superhuman strength, and a magic ball of light with a superiority complex, a sellsword takes on his hardest job yet—staying alive. Sword-for-hire Aaron Envelar’s only loyalty is to his coin purse. While fools drench battlefields with blood in the realm’s war of succession, he keeps a steely focus. But when his latest mission … Read More

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Maybe Baby (Maybe Baby Series Book 1)

by Andrea Smith  

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“That was definitely hot,” I said, propping myself up on an elbow to look at him, “going all ‘Christian Grey’ on me like that.”"Who?" he asked, totally clueless… I wasn’t prepared for what was in store for me when I took a summer position at Sinclair Stables before my junior year of college. After all, it could only help with … Read More

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Always By Your Side: True Stories From The Life Of A Psychic Medium

by Gaynor Carrillo  

Always by Your Side is the incredible true story of a psychic medium.Describing the amazing abilities Gaynor was born with, seeing spirit since birth, entering a world that was beyond ours and having psychic abilities are just some of the many incredible things that happened on a daily basis in Gaynor’s childhood. Each page of this book is sprinkled with … Read More

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Brave: A Contemporary MMA Romance (Oni Fighters Book 1)

by Natalie Gayle  

A moment in time, that’s all it took.  Beauty, pain and tragedy.  Xander “Pretty Boy” Todd was a demon in the ring.  A professional MMA fighter with a career that had the world a buzz—but now it’s gone.  Or is it? Eden Sommers had her dreams of an international modelling career within her grasp—and lost it.  Gone within a few … Read More

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Don’t Tell Meg (Don’t Tell Meg Trilogy Book 1)

by Paul J. Teague  

Two women. One night. So many deaths. When radio journalist Pete Bailey betrays his wife Meg on his fortieth birthday, he has no idea of the terrible consequences that will follow his infidelity. His passionate relationship with Meg is on the rocks and they’re having no luck starting a family. It’s only when he meets TV reporter Ellie Turner on … Read More

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Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus Vol. 1

by Reiko Yoshida  

UNLEASH THE FULL POWER OF MEW MEW! On her first date with the cutest boy in school, Ichigo is exposed to a mysterious ray that meshes her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. She soon discovers that she has developed superhuman abilities and enhanced agility. Her new powers are put to the test when she leads a team … Read More

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Last Chance for Murder (Lisa Chance Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Estelle Richards  

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One last chance to get things right.  Too old for Hollywood at age 29, Lisa Chance leaves her failed acting career and a cheating boyfriend in LA and goes home to Moss Creek, Arizona.  The Folly, a stately 1870s mansion in the middle of her hometown, has always drawn Lisa like a magnet. She thought she was done with that … Read More

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Creation: The Origin of Life / The Future of Life

by Adam Rutherford  

'You will not find a better, more balanced or up-to-date take on either the origin of life or synthetic biology. Essential reading' Observer Creation by Adam Rutherford tells the entire spellbinding story of life in two gripping narratives. 'Prepare to be astounded. There are moments when this book is so gripping it reads like a thriller' Mail on Sunday The … Read More

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The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 2

by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff  

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a humorous standalone mystery, The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 2. (Yep! It’s a standalone. The boring title is just to mess with you!) HOW MUCH LONGER CAN HE KEEP HIS SECRET AND HIS FAVORITE HUMAN SAFE? Michael Vanderhorst has always been a lone wolf. Or lone vampire? Whatever. Point is, this … Read More

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The Long Road to Auschwitz (A Tale of Tyranny and Heartbreak Book 1)

by Anthony Vincent Bruno  

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A British soldier storming the Normandy D-Day beachhead, a man whose girlfriend had been deported to Auschwitz four years previously – "Whenever I see a German in SS black? I see a dead German in SS black." The #1 Amazon charts bestseller The Long Road to Auschwitz explores the horrors of the Holocaust whilst looking to what would eventually end … Read More

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The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series

by Vaughan W. Smith  

Secrets can be powerful……but also destructive. Alrion doesn’t know the power inside him. He’s more surprised than anyone when he discovers he’s a wizard. Why is his power unique? Learning the ways of a wizard is not enough. Alrion is charged with a quest to cleanse the Blight. He’s the world’s last chance to be free of that malevolent force, … Read More

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In with the Tide (Cape Cod Shore Book 1)

by Charlee James  

Lindsey Hunter never imagined she’d be returning to her Cape Cod home pregnant and divorced, but she’s determined to build a new life for her and her unborn baby. When car trouble leaves her stranded on the side of the road, ex-Marine Damien Trent rides to the rescue on his motorbike. Once upon a time, they’d been friends and briefly, … Read More

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The Wizard of Time (The Wizard of Time – Book 1)

by G.L. Breedon  

When I started this book I hoped for the impossible, and what I got was pure brilliance. This story is written with incredible intelligence and crosses genres and ages groups seamlessly. It is captivating, adventurous, creative, vibrant, emotive and unpredictable. I fully believed in the fantasy, loved the plot and think the characters were just perfect.— Elizabeth Marshall – Author, … Read More

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by Shantel Tessier  

My name is Avery Decker, and my story isn’t for the faint of heart. It is about revenge and hatred, misery and violence. I wasn’t always this way even though it was in my blood. I grew up happy and in love with my best friend until she betrayed me and walked away. After that, I fell into the deep, … Read More

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Doing Life with Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

by Jim Burns  

Practical advice and hopeful encouragement for the tough yet rewarding transition to parenting grown kids. If you have an adult child, you know that parenting doesn't stop when a child reaches the age of eighteen. In many ways, it gets more complicated. Both your heart and your head are as involved as ever, whether your child lives under your roof … Read More

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The Wild One (A Peter Ash Novel Book 5)

by Nick Petrie  

War veteran Peter Ash tracks a murderer and his criminal family through the most forbidding and stark landscape he has ever encountered, in the latest thriller from the bestselling author of The Drifter. Losing ground in his fight against post-traumatic claustrophobia, war veteran Peter Ash has no intention of getting on an airplane–until a grieving woman asks Peter to find … Read More

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God Has a Name

by John Mark Comer  

"There aren't many questions in life that if you find the answer to them, it can change everything. But asking who God is and what he is like are two of those questions, and John Mark Comer brilliantly answers them in this book." -Jefferson Bethke Many of us ache for relationship with God, yet feel distant and disconnected from him. … Read More

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Butterfly Weeds

by Laura Miller  

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A National Bestseller "One of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read."~Jelena’s Book Blog "Beautifully written and sure to leave a lasting footprint on your heart!"~Angela McLaurin, The Indie Bookshelf Julia Lang expected a nice night away from the office—free of thoughts about the case, her failed engagement, her past. But she should have known better. Her past … Read More

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The Triple Frontier (Kindle Single) (A Jericho Quinn Thriller)

by Marc Cameron  

In a zone of lawlessness, vengeance has no borders…An action-packed novella by the New York Times-bestselling author of Tom Clancy Power and Empire.  It’s called the Triple Frontier—the volatile border zone between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, one of the most lawless and deadly regions in the world. It’s a corrupt sanctuary where drug lords, Middle Eastern terrorists, slave traders, and dozens of … Read More

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