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Saigon: An Epic Novel of Vietnam

by Anthony Grey  

An epic saga of love, blood, and destiny in twentieth-century Vietnam: “This superb novel could well be the War and Peace of our age” (San Francisco Chronicle).   Joseph Sherman first visits Saigon—the capital of French colonial Cochin-China—as a young man on his father’s hunting trip in 1925. But the exotic land lures him back again and again as a traveler, … Read More

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The Nanny (Family Secrets Book 1)

by Jessica Lewis  

KevinI need someone to help me with Tyler, a six-year-old boy, who was brought to my doorstep. I was told that I was his father and that he needed to be taken care of. I don’t know the first thing about being a father. I don’t know anything at all. When my brother, Jonathan, suggests Shelly, our sister, Jenny’s best … Read More

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Murder is Elementary (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 1)

by Diane Weiner  

Susan Wiles is blissfully retired from her career as a music teacher. What a joy to be able to attend the holiday concert without worrying about how her chorus will perform. But wait. Where’s the principal? Susan offers to check, only to find the principal lying dead on her office floor. Of course, now that she’s retired she has time … Read More

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Sing Your Heart Out (Sinful Serenade)

by Crystal Kaswell  

Good girls don’t date rock stars. They certainly don’t have rock star f-buddies. Still a virgin at 21, Meg Smart walks a straight and narrow path. She aces her classes, excels at her part time job, and carefully avoids trouble–no drinks, no drugs, and especially, no boyfriends. Rock star Miles Webb doesn’t do "boyfriend." He skips over intimacy and love … Read More

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Bodychecking: Game On in Seattle (Seattle Sockeyes Book 4)

by Jami Davenport  

As the wild child of the family, Bellani Maxwell isn’t interested in settling down. Between a fledgling party crashing business, teaching self-defense at a martial arts studio, and hitting the bar every night, she has her hands full. She doesn’t need the added responsibility or commitment of a relationship. Hockey star Cedric Pederson has all the puck bunnies he could … Read More

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Amy Wingate’s Journal

by Marcia Willett  

’A fascinating study of character’ – Publishing News When Amy consults her doctor about her increasing mood swings, she is advised to keep a diary as an outlet for her bursts of irritation. In the process, her life obligingly becomes eventful enough to provide some interesting reading. But it is the tantalising allusions to her past – so at odds … Read More

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Indebted to the Vampires (House of Durand Book 1)

by Erin Bedford  

A broken vase isn’t all this maid owed her masters. Piper needed a job. Any job would do. But when the temp agency assigns her to clean the house of a bunch of snobby rich men, she isn’t sure it’s worth it. Stuck in a job she has no choice but to keep, Piper becomes even more indebted to her … Read More

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Rocky Mountain Romance (Six Pack Ranch Book 7)

by Vivian Arend  

~~**A STAND ALONE novel in the Six Pack Ranch world. You can read ROMANCE without having read the previous books, although you’ll probably fall in love with everyone you meet, and you’ll want to know their stories too…sorry about that. (Not really :D)**~~ Grab the audio version for a low-low price after getting the ebook!—–Second chances are the sweetest—and the … Read More

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Granny’s Got a Gun (Secret Agent Granny Book 1)

by Harper Lin  

~*~FREE for a limited time only~*~ A hilarious mystery series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin Barbara Gold, a retired CIA agent, is bored out of her skull in Cheerville, a small town in New England—until a man is poisoned during a book club meeting for seniors. Everyone thinks Lucien had a heart attack, but from his symptoms, Barbara knows … Read More

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RENAL DIET COOKBOOK: 100+ Low Sodium, Low Potassium, Low Phosphorus Healthy Recipes To Avoid Dialysis And Stay Healthy

by Jacqueline R. Herring  

When you are recovering from acute renal failure or when you are on a renal failure diet, then your doctor or dietician would recommend a particular diet that would help you in limiting the stress on your kidneys. Your dietician would analyze and then depending upon your current situation would suggest a diet that would reduce the pressure on your … Read More

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Blood Heir (Blood Heir Trilogy, Book 1)

by Amélie Wen Zhao  

BLOOD HEIR is the first book in an epic new series about a princess hiding a dark secret and the conman she must trust to clear her name of murder. Princess Anastacya Mikhailov of Cyrilia has lived her life in safety, hidden behind palace walls. But when she is framed for her father’s brutal murder, she must leave behind everything … Read More

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Christmas in Cockleberry Bay

by Nicola May  

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE COCKLEBERRY BAY TRILOGY Here are just a few of the 8000+ Amazon reviews for this wonderful series of books: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brilliant and uplifting could not put it down ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Simply a fantastic touching read⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Brilliant rollercoaster of emotions⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐You’ll become quickly addicted to these characters⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I’m so sad I came to the end. I WANT MORE! Meet old and … Read More

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The Patricia Fisher Mysteries: All Ten Books

by steve higgs #1 in Cozy Mystery, Mystery Anthologies, and Amateur Sleuths ‘A complete cozy mystery series with an ending that left me on a high for days!’ When Patricia Fisher boards the world’s finest cruise ship for a three-month tour of the world, she expected a great many things … … finding herself embroiled in a priceless jewel theft wasn’t one … Read More

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The Money Code: Become a Millionaire With the Ancient Jewish Code

by H. W. Charles  

Why Are So Many Jews Millionaires? The book based on sacred ancient wealth wisdom, now a podcast, Money Code Secrets. Jews are estimated to make up less than 1% of the world’s population, yet approximately 25% of the world’s billionaires are Jewish. Jews are always found on lists of the world’s richest people. In 2009, 139 of the Forbes 400 … Read More

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The Cellist of Sarajevo: The Top 10 International Bestseller

by Steven Galloway  

The Top 10 International Bestseller Snipers in the hills overlook the shattered streets of Sarajevo. Knowing that the next bullet could strike at any moment, the ordinary men and women below strive to go about their daily lives as best they can. Kenan faces the agonizing dilemma of crossing the city to get water for his family. Dragan, gripped by … Read More

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The Stormborn Saga (the triple trilogy omnibus): An epic sword and sorcery fantasy adventure

by J.T. Williams  

**Limited-time omnibus ! Three COMPLETE trilogies and one bonus novella! Over 90% off the standalone books!!** Valrin has always sought adventure… but he never knew his true tie to the vast seas.   On a desolate island in the far North, Valrin is an orphan surrounded by empty oceans with a yearning for life beyond the icy shores of his home. Little does he know … Read More

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Blood and Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power: ‘The Explosive New Book’

by Bradley Hope  

'If you've ever wondered what would happen if limitless money met limitless power, wonder no longer, it's all here…Terrifying, disturbing and ghastly' Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland 'Explosive' The Times '[A] Crisp page-turner of a book teeming with telling detail … Splendid' Financial Times 'The fascinating and highly entertaining tale … Fly-on-the-wall reporting and palace intrigue worthy of Machiavelli' John … Read More

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Trainspotting (Mark Renton Series Book 2)

by Irvine Welsh  

Read the seminal bestselling novel that changed the face of British fiction and inspired Danny Boyle's film. 'The best book ever written by man or woman… Deserves to sell more copies than the Bible' Rebel Inc Choose us. Choose life. Choose mortgage payments; choose washing machines; choose cars; choose sitting oan a couch watching mind-numbing and spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing … Read More

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The Mime Order (The Bone Season series Book 2)

by Samantha Shannon  

A fugitive who will not be silenced It is a dark time for clairvoyants. Scion is in league with the Rephaim, an extraordinarily powerful, otherworldly race that intends to make humans its slaves. In an unprecedented feat of bravery, Paige Mahoney has succeeded in leading a mass break-out from the brutal camp, Sheol I, where she and other clairvoyants were … Read More

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Sleight of Hand: An Amber Farrell Novel (Bite Back Book 1)

by Mark Henwick  

Not dead. Yet. Not undead either, but the odds are stacking up against Amber. Denver’s brutal drug gangs want her dead, but there’s no chance for her to hide away. Her PI business is already struggling to get by, and she has to take a job for a wealthy local businesswoman, Jennifer Kingslund. That’s despite knowing the case will compel … Read More

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Hold Up the Sky

by Cixin Liu  

A Financial Times Book of the Year From the author of The Three-Body Problem, a collection of award-winning short stories – a breath-taking selection of diamond-hard science fiction. In Hold Up the Sky, Cixin Liu takes us across time and space, from a rural mountain community where elementary students must use physics to prevent an alien invasion; to coal mines … Read More

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I Could Be You: An addictive and gripping suspense thriller (An Eastbourne Murder Mystery Book 1)

by Sheila Bugler  

A life has been taken. But whose life is it? On a stifling hot day, former journalist Dee Doran finds the crumpled body of her friend at the roadside. Katie and her little boy, Jake, have been a light in Dee’s otherwise desolate life – now a woman is dead and a child is missing. Katie has been keeping secrets … Read More

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Fatal Decree: A Matt Royal Mystery (Matt Royal Mysteries Book 7)

by H. Terrell Griffin  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

When a serial killer shows up on Longboat Key, Florida after a twelve year absence, Matt Royal is stymied. The first woman killed on Longboat Key has ties to a secretive government agency for which Matt's best friend Jock Algren works. Was this a coincidence or was she a targeted kill? Matt's friend, Longboat Key detective Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan … Read More

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When the Snow Falls

by Fern Michaels  

Something's in the air this holiday season, and it could be the beginning of a wonderful Christmas romance. . . "Candy Canes and Cupid" by Fern Michaels All private investigator Hannah Ray wants for Christmas is a quiet day at her Florida beachfront condo. When her biggest client insists she join him on a Colorado ski trip, she has little … Read More

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The Christmas Killer

by Jim Gallows  

As Christmas approaches a terrifying killer must be stopped . . . As the snow starts to fall, the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered on a construction site. Then the demolition of the old Chase Asylum reveals further human remains. It starts to become clear that there's a link between the two deaths . . . And … Read More

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