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Apples Never Fall: The Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies

by Liane Moriarty  

The Sunday Times bestseller from the worldwide bestselling author of Amazon Prime’s NINE PERFECT STRANGERS and the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning HBO series BIG LITTLE LIES ‘A tour-de-force of a novel; brilliantly plotted and superbly written . . . The tension builds to a conclusion alive with ingenious twists. Smart, sharp and utterly riveting’ DAILY MAIL ‘Utterly and completely wonderful. … Read More

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Shadows of Asphodel: A Dieselpunk Fantasy Romance

by Karen Kincy  

He’s an abomination. She’s the only one who can save him. 1913. Austria-Hungary. Wendel may be devilishly handsome, a charming bastard with the manners of disinherited royalty, but he’s an abomination. His skin shivers with the icy fire of necromancy. With one touch, he can raise the dead. Worse still, he’s being hunted by assassins from Constantinople, and he would … Read More

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The Gates of Byzantium (Purge of Babylon, Book 2)

by Sam Sisavath  

Book #2 in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series. ________________________________________ MAN IS NO LONGER AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN. The Purge has devastated the globe, turning much of humanity into night-dwelling, bloodthirsty creatures (dubbed “ghouls” by the survivors), while small pockets of remaining humans have managed to carry on. With the loss of their sanctuary, Will and his … Read More

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30-Day Whole Foods Slow Cooker Cookbook: Irresistible Recipes for a New and Healthier Life

by Vanessa Olsen  

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Over 80% of Americans have a slow cooker. If you’re one of them, you need this cookbook, and you need to start cooking healthy whole-food recipes with it! The slow cooker as we know it has been around since the 1970’s, and has yet to go out of fashion. It’s convenient, easy to use, easy to clean, and as you’ll … Read More

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Amish Widow’s Second Chance: Second Time Amish Romance

by Ruth Price  

A second chance at love. Betrayal disguised as friendship. Isaac Mast wants a wife to help manage two growing boys and a prosperous carpentry business. When a letter to a neighboring bishop introduces him to a woman almost to perfect to wed, he seizes the chance to end his bachelor life. She’s exactly what he needs—grace, beauty, and a quiet, … Read More

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Low Tide Murder: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery (The Seaside Psychic Book 1)

by K.J. Emrick  

A horrific accident changes everything… Maddalena D’Angelo had it all! The perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect life. Until that fateful accident tore it all apart. Waking from a coma she found her family gone and the life she knew was no more. Scared and confused, nothing made sense. Everything was too much. But that wasn’t the half of … Read More

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Flames Over Frosthelm (Inquisitors’ Guild)


An Investigation Gone Awry Sometimes, your case takes a left turn. Or three or four. Marten Mingenstern and Boog Eggstrom are provisional inspectors, fresh out of Inquisitor’s Guild training and eager to prove themselves. Assigned the mundane task of tracking down stolen jewels, they instead uncover a mysterious cult set on destroying the city. After a thief explodes, they earn … Read More

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Half Past Midnight

by Jeff Brackett  

The Doomsday Clock gauges the threat of nuclear war. The closer the hands are to midnight, the more imminent the threat of nuclear war. But what happens after the hands reach midnight? Survivalist Leeland Dawcett finds out when he and his family are plunged into the nightmare of their country returned to a third-world state. No phones. No computers. No … Read More

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Showstopper (Vino and Veritas)

by Regina Kyle  

I swore I wouldn’t do this again. Mix sports, school, and sex. But right now the only thing standing between me and the NHL is six feet of frenemy packed into a pair of formfitting jeans that have me thinking all kinds of things I shouldn’t. Mostly how to get him out of them. I don’t just want Kolby. I … Read More

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The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread Expanded Edition: Revealing the Power of the Blood of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation

by Richard Booker  

Every story is about Him.   A single, scarlet thread runs through the entire Bible, weaving a beautiful garment of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. This thread shows how the Old and New Testament fit together to tell one complete story.   This sacred thread is the blood covenant Jesus made with God for you.   Uncover the grand narrative … Read More

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Worlds Unseen (The Seventh World Trilogy Book 1)

by Rachel Starr Thomson  

Beauty and terror await beyond the veil in this classic Christian fantasy. The Council for Exploration Into Worlds Unseen believed there was more to reality than the Empire had taught them—but when they came a little too close to the truth, tragedy ended their work, leaving the terrifying and beautiful world behind their own still hidden. Forty years later, one … Read More

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Her Closest Friend: An absolutely gripping and heart-pounding psychological thriller

by Clare Boyd  

Pop music blares from the radio. She sings drunkenly from the backseat. The thrash of windscreen wipers against the driving rain. The screech of tyres. A thud. Naomi and I are best friends. School runs, dog walks, a shoulder to cry on over a glass of wine, we’re inseparable. But now my husband has walked out, I need her more … Read More

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Star Force: Origin Series Box Set (1-4): An Empire Building Military Space Opera Adventure (Star Force Universe Book 1)

by Aer-ki Jyr  

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***The Star Force Universe has over 170 million KU pages read and 200,000+ sales to date.*** Earth is not what you think it is. We are not the masters of this planet, rather the discarded slaves of a galactic empire that abandoned this border colony during a civil war. A few elite Zen’zat were left behind accidentally, marooned to die … Read More

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Demonsouled Omnibus One

by Jonathan Moeller  

Combined for the first time in one volume, here are the first three books of the internationally bestselling DEMONSOULED series – DEMONSOULED, SOUL OF TYRANTS, and SOUL OF SERPENTS, and the bonus short story THE WANDERING KNIGHT. Banished for fifteen years, the wandering knight Mazael Cravenlock returns home at last to the Grim Marches, only to find war and chaos. … Read More

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A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths

by John Barton  

WINNER OF THE 2019 DUFF COOPER PRIZE THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘With emotional and psychological insight, Barton unlocks this sleeping giant of our culture. In the process, he has produced a masterpiece.’ Sunday Times The Bible is the central book of Western culture. For the two faiths which hold it sacred, it is the bedrock of their religion, a singular … Read More

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NO EXIT a gripping thriller full of heart-stopping twists


DISCOVER THE SENSATIONAL THRILLER, NOW A HULU ORIGINAL FILM Looking for a thriller that you can’t put down? Then try this book that everyone’s talking about. One of the tensest, most gripping thrillers you will ever read. From UK and US best-selling author Taylor Adams. A KIDNAPPED LITTLE GIRL LOCKED IN A STRANGER’S VAN. NO HELP FOR MILES. WHAT WOULD … Read More

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The Girl in the Missing Poster: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

by Barbara Copperthwaite  

24 June, 1994 – Nineteen-year-old Leila Hawkins runs from her father’s birthday party into the stormy night wearing her sister Stella’s long red coat. Some say she was crying, others swear they saw her get into a passing car. Nobody ever saw her again. Present – This time every year, on the anniversary of that fateful night, Stella decorates the … Read More

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The Child in the Photo: An absolutely addictive and gripping psychological thriller

by Kerry Wilkinson  

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I stare at the newspaper article about a baby snatched from the back of a car thirty years ago, and wonder why someone would post it through my door. Looking closer, my blood freezes. The little girl in the photo has an unusual scar – just like mine. I’ve never met anyone with one like it. Is this stolen child… … Read More

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Sweet Saboteur (The Cozy Café Mysteries Book 1)

by C. A. Phipps  

USA today bestselling author C. A. Phipps brings you Book 1 in the Cozy Café Series! The Cozy Café has problems—big problems! Hounded by deadly gossip and the power hungry mayor, Scarlett’s determined not to give in to the pressure to close the family business. She intends to turn things around and give her sisters a better life. When a … Read More

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From #1 bestselling author Joy Ellis, a totally absorbing mystery full of stunning twists and turns. Discover the author who’s sold over two million books globally. SHORTLISTED FOR CRIME AND THRILLER BOOK OF THE YEAR AT THE BRITISH BOOK AWARDS 2021. JACKMAN AND EVANS’ MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY IS BACK TO FINISH THINGS OFF. The domestic bliss of Detective Inspector Rowan … Read More

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Painting the Moon (Chilton Crosse Book 1)

by Traci Borum  

“…the perfect novel for a lazy summer afternoon.” – Biblioteca “Brew a pot of tea, pick up some biscuits or scones, and settle down for an evening by the fire for this one. Well worth all 5 out of 5 stars…” – Reviews from the Heart When Noelle Cooke inherits a quaint English cottage and an art gallery from her … Read More

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Flame (Steel Brothers Saga Book 20)

by Helen Hardt  

Her past is coming back to haunt her. His present is haunting him. Callie Pike always considered herself the plain sister—stuck in the middle between beautiful Rory and vivacious Maddie—so she still can’t believe gorgeous perennial bachelor Donny Steel has fallen in love with her. She should be the happiest woman on the planet, and she is…but her nemesis from … Read More

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The One You Fear (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

by Paul Pilkington  

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It’s not over… The thrilling sequel to the multi-million-downloaded, chart-topping The One You Love. Actress Emma Holden and her group of young friends are trying to move on from the horrific events surrounding her fiancé Dan’s disappearance. But a shocking revelation drags them back into the nightmare and forces them to question everything they once believed to be true. More … Read More

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Sin: Mafia Romance (Beautiful Sinner Series Book 1)

by Elena M. Reyes  

I am both heaven and hell. Sin and pleasure. The Devil she never sees coming… Everyone knows that Malcolm Asher owns Chicago. Nothing—not a single move is made in my city without my authorization. I’m ruthless. Conniving. Worshipped by those around me, and yet, it means nothing the moment my eyes meet hers… Clear blue and innocent, the delicate doll … Read More

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Restless: A Duchess of Cornwall Book Club pick

by William Boyd  

CHOSEN FOR THE DUCHESS OF CORNWALL’S READING ROOM BOOK CLUB ‘A wartime thriller featuring a resourceful woman in grave danger… a great read’ – HRH The Duchess of Cornwall It is 1939. Eva Delectorskaya is a beautiful 28-year-old Russian émigrée living in Paris. As war breaks out she is recruited for the British Secret Service by Lucas Romer, a mysterious … Read More

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The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow F.D.R.

by Jules Archer  

The true story of a 1933 plot to overthrow the American president in a fascist coup, and the patriot who helped put an end to the scheme. Many people might not know that in 1933, a group of wealthy industrialists—working closely with groups like the K.K.K. and the American Liberty League—planned to overthrow the U.S. government and run F.D.R. out … Read More

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This Side of Murder (A Verity Kent Mystery Book 1)

by Anna Lee Huber  

A WWI widow investigates murder—and her late husband’s secrets—in “this engrossing series launch” by the Daphne Award-winning author (Publishers Weekly).   England, 1919. Verity Kent’s grief over the loss of her husband pierces anew when she receives a cryptic letter suggesting her beloved Sidney may have committed treason before his untimely death. Determined to dull her pain with revelry, Verity’s first … Read More

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Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow

by Henry Louis Gates Jr.  

“Stony the Road presents a bracing alternative to Trump-era white nationalism. . . . In our current politics we recognize African-American history—the spot under our country’s rug where the terrorism and injustices of white supremacy are habitually swept.  Stony the Road lifts the rug.” —Nell Irvin Painter, New York Times Book Review A profound new rendering of the struggle by African-Americans for equality … Read More

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