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Things We Never Got Over: the bestselling #BookTok sensation (Knockemout Series Book 1)

by Lucy Score  

***INCLUDES BONUS EPILOGUE*** HE’S ABSOLUTELY NOT FALLING FOR THE GOOD GIRL . . . Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: Alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon. Knox doesn’t tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride. Naomi wasn’t just running away from her … Read More

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The Vow: A Second Chance Billionaire Romance (Manhattan Nights Book 1)

by Natalie Wrye  

ELSIE I thought a “vow” could keep me and my best friend’s brother apart. I was wrong. It’s been seven years since I’ve seen my first love—my best friend Kayla’s hotter than Hell-in-July older brother Brett. But when trouble follows me on my new move to NYC, I find myself walking into his tattoo shop with no one to turn … Read More

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Deal Makers: A Brother’s Best Friend Romantic Comedy (Dealing With Love)

by Laura Lee  

Waking up hungover in Vegas is bad. Finding out you accidentally married your best friend’s sister is way worse. From USA Today bestselling author, Laura Lee, comes a hot and hilarious brother’s best friend romance. I’VE OFFICIALLY SCREWED THE POOCH. I mean, not literally, because that would be disgusting. But I did break one of the cardinal rules of Bro … Read More

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My Inventions

by Nikola Tesla  

“My Inventions” by Nikola Tesla. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all … Read More

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Telekinetic (a Hyllis Family story #1)

by Laurence Dahners  

Telekinetic by Laurence E. Dahners “Telekinetic” is the first of a series of post-apocalyptic stories featuring the Hyllis family. The collapse of civilization has reduced their people back to iron and horsepower. The Hyllises tend to inherit “tele-talents” such as telekinesis and teleportation. Tarc Hyllis’ mother (and his grandfather before her) could “feel” things with their talent. They became healers … Read More

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Bowl of Fruit (1907)

by Panayotis Cacoyannis  

“A magically original story about two strangers and enticing secrets.” IndieReader (5 Star Review) Leon’s past is a labyrinth of truths, half-truths and untruths – not one story but many different stories at once, which Leon has been trying to put behind him. But ghost-writer Anna Tor knows much more about his history than he does, and when Leon reluctantly … Read More

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Missing Amanda: A Lou Fleener Mystery (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 1)

by Duane Lindsay  

1950’S NOIR IS BACK— BUT WITH TONGUE FIRMLY IN CHEEK! P.I. Lou Fleener’s got a great disguise—he’s kind of short, slightly pudgy, and a little nondescript. But whatever you do, don’t get in a fight with him, even if you’ve brought a couple of buddies. Because you’re gonna lose every time. Some people just have a gift. One of Lou’s … Read More

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Death of an Earl: A Golden Age Mystery (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 5)

by G.G. Vandagriff  

Publisher’s Weekly said of G.G. Vandagriff, the Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of 1930s vintage mysteries, “…By blending romance and thrills with a spunky, brilliant protagonist, the author serves up a golden age-style treat for any book-loving armchair sleuth.” Oxford, 1935 When the Earl of Severn is murdered, the police focus on Anne Bascombe, his most vocal critic on the editorial … Read More

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NEVER EVER (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 3)

by Willow Rose  

Former FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas returns in Willow Rose’s most nail-biting thriller yet. Ex-agent Eva Rae Thomas is on the run. She has done things she never knew she was capable of the past month – while hunting for her kidnapped daughter. Eva Rae has risked everything, -her career, -her newfound love, -her freedom. She’s looking for the man … Read More

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Insight: Godly Games (Web of Hearts and Souls Young Adult Romance #1) (Insight series)

by Jamie Magee  

Spellbinding lyrically crafted fantasy series. Magic, action, and romance offer an escapism that will engross readers—the story stays with you, unforgettable.Cursed with an empathic insight, Willow Haywood has lived her life as a proud introvert in a small town. Her world shatters when a nightmare brands her wrist with a star. The foreboding omen forces her family to unveil ancient … Read More

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Betrayal at Ravenswick: A Fiona Figg Mystery (Fiona Figg Mysteries Book 1)

by Kelly Oliver  

Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie in this entertaining series opener. What’s the best way to forget an unfaithful husband? Become a spy for British Intelligence, of course. “A good dose of humor while keeping the heartbreaking reality of war in the mix. This is one epic read.” – The Los Angeles Post Desperate to get out of London and determined … Read More

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Anthrax Island (The John Tyler series Book 1)

by D. L. Marshall  

One of Ian Rankin’s top ten books of 2021. ‘One of the thrillers of the year’ Scottish Sun ‘A first class thriller… This debut is going to be huge’ Mari Hannah, author of Without a Trace FACT: In 1942, in growing desperation at the progress of the war and fearing invasion by the Nazis, the UK government approved biological weapons … Read More

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The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas

by Linda Broday  

In these Texas-set stories of romance and adventure, the Civil War is over, Christmas is coming—and it’s time for three rugged fighters to become lovers . . . FATHER GOOSE New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jodi Thomas Dispirited by war, when Trapper Hawkins accepts a job hauling five little rich girls to Dallas, all he cares about … Read More

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Deadly Summer (Darling Investigations Book 1)

by Denise Grover Swank  

New York Times bestselling author Denise Grover Swank gives a former TV star one more shot at fame—and it proves to be a killer comeback… Ten years ago, Summer Butler was television’s most popular teenage sleuth. Since then, she’s hit—what gossip sites just love to call—the gutter. Nearly bankrupt, betrayed, estranged from her greedy mother, and just about unemployable, she’s … Read More

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A Chip on Her Shoulder: A Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count)

by R.J. Blain  

After a deal with loan sharks sours, Darlene’s brother is permanently transformed into a chipmunk. Not one to accept impossibility as a good excuse for failure, she’s determined to rescue her brother and secure revenge against those who’d poisoned him with grade-a transformatives. If she wants to perform a miracle, she’ll need to join forces with a divine, but the … Read More

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The Duke and the Lady (The Unwanted Dukes Book 2)

by Jessie Clever  

Lady Louisa Darby blames herself for her mother’s death when the Darby sisters were still so young and has dedicated her life to ensuring her sisters’ happiness. So when she’s lured into a compromising situation that will endanger her youngest sister’s chance at a happy marriage, Louisa will do whatever is necessary to protect her family’s reputation and save her … Read More

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THE SKIN CODE an absolutely gripping crime thriller with an astonishing twist


AN ABSOLUTELY GRIPPING CRIME THRILLER WITH AN ASTONISHING TWIST. Can you crack the code? Detective Mary Hume is on the trail of a vicious serial killer. A killer who leaves a baffling code carved into the skin of his victims. The first victim, a young man, lies spreadeagled in his stylish Soho flat. Carved deep into his hairless chest — … Read More

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Bones in the Blackout: A Romantic Wartime Cozy Mystery (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries Book 1)

by Emma Jameson  

Murder in Haunted Cornwall On the eve of World War II, Dr. Benjamin Bones is at war with himself. While most young men are being sent away to fight the Germans, Ben is chosen to serve on English soil. Ordered to move to wild, beautiful Cornwall, he must trade his posh London office and stylish city life for the tiny … Read More

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Cold Sunflowers

by Mark Sippings  

‘Everything happens for a reason.’ It’s 1972. Raymond Mann is seventeen. He is fearful of life and can’t get off buses. He says his prayers every night and spends too much time in his room. He meets Ernest Gardiner, a gentleman in his seventies who’s become tired of living and misses the days of chivalry and honour. Together they discover … Read More

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On the Ropes

by Kathryn Nolan  

Summer in the city heats up when the girl who got away moves in next door. Dean “The Machine” is a South Philly legend. Much to the dismay of fans who still hound him, the broody former fighter walked away from his boxing career right before clinching another championship belt. Tight-lipped on his reasons for retiring, he’s busy trying to … Read More

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From the Pole to the Palace: A Love Nobody Expected

by Diamond Johnson  

Hoe. Slut. Skank. Those were all words that Ms. Dreka Hendrix has been called over the past few months ever since she landed her a job at Sin City. Sin City is a major strip club here in Miami Florida. While most people are there trying to showcase their talents, Dreka is there only because it is her last resort. … Read More

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by Terry Toler  

Finalist for American Bookfest 2021 Best Book Award in the thriller/adventure category. Sara is missing in the Cayman Islands. No one knows it. Except her abductors, of course. Beloved CIA heroine, Jamie Austen, is sent to Tampico, Mexico, to rescue four girls, abducted on their senior class trips. Are the cases related? All of Jamie’s skills are tested as she … Read More

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Maximus: An MM Paranormal Romance (Lords of Otherworld Book 1)

by Stella Rainbow  

A workaholic soul collector. A human with hidden powers. An evil causing chaos everyday. Maximus The first time I went looking for Kym, it was because he was a relative of a murder victim I was investigating. Every time after that? It was because I realized he was my mate. For the first time in my long existence, I’d found … Read More

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Terciel & Elinor – The Old Kingdom 1: The newest adventure in the bestselling Old Kingdom series

by Garth Nix  

One of the greatest living fantasy writers . . . I will never get enough of the Old Kingdom’ ? Sarah J. Maas DISCOVER THE INTERNATIONAL SMASH HIT FANTASY SERIES FROM AWARD WINNING AUTHOR GARTH NIX In a land where the dead will not stay dead, eighteen-year-old orphan Terciel is learning to wield a mighty and terrible power: necromancy. For … Read More

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You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform

by Sophie Bashford  

Discover the Goddess energies that lie within you through nine Goddess archetypes—an empowering guide on finding healing, strength, and transformation, for readers of Warrior Goddess Training The Goddess is guiding your life . . . You know ‘the Goddess’ as a divine feminine figure of myth, art and faith—but are you aware that, in truth, the Goddess is a life force … Read More

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Sophie’s Choice: A Novel

by William Styron  

This award-winning novel of love, survival, and agonizing regret in post–WWII Brooklyn “belongs on that small shelf reserved for American masterpieces” (The Washington Post Book World).  Winner of the National Book Award and a modern classic, Sophie’s Choice centers on three characters: Stingo, a sexually frustrated aspiring novelist; Nathan, his charismatic but violent Jewish neighbor; and Sophie, an Auschwitz survivor … Read More

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How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems from Randall Munroe of xkcd

by Randall Munroe  

Randall Munroe is . . .’Nerd royalty’ Ben Goldacre ‘Totally brilliant’ Tim Harford ‘Laugh-out-loud funny’ Bill Gates ‘Wonderful’ Neil Gaiman AN INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The world’s most entertaining and useless self-help guide, from the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the million-selling What If? and Thing Explainer For any task you might want to … Read More

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The Private Lives of the Tudors: Uncovering the Secrets of Britain’s Greatest Dynasty

by Tracy Borman  

‘Borman approaches her topic with huge enthusiasm and a keen eye for entertaining…this is a very human story of a remarkable family, full of vignettes that sit long in the mind.’ Dan Jones, The Sunday Times ‘Tracy Borman’s eye for detail is impressive; the book is packed with fascinating courtly minutiae… this is a wonderful book.’ The Times ‘Borman is … Read More

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