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The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More (Green Witch Witchcraft Series)

by Arin Murphy-Hiscock  

“For covens who prefer meeting outdoors, perhaps in a garden or a deep forest clearing, The Green Witch is a delightful guide to nature magic. It’s filled with practical recipes for herbal blends and potions, the properties of essential oils, and lots of ideas for healing and relaxation.” —Bustle Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, … Read More

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The Tethering: A Contemporary YA Urban Fantasy Romance

by Megan O'Russell  

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children meets Percy Jackson in this magic-filled fantasy romance. All he wants is to win her love. A dark spell may separate them forever. ★★★★★ – “It’s the magic we loved in Harry Potter, but happening right here and right now.” ★★★★★ – “A must if you like adventure and suspense!” ★★★★★ – “Would suggest … Read More

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Syler McKnight (Best Friend’s Brother Holiday Romance)

by Cora Brent  

From NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Cora Brent comes a stand alone enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy full of small town quirkiness, a sarcastic flannel-wearing anti-hero and a madcap journey to happily ever after! Syler McKnight… He was my archenemy. My nemesis. The boy most likely to flip my homicidal switch. You see, my best friend Gemma has two brothers. One … Read More

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Britannia’s Innocent: The Dawlish Chronicles February – May 1864

by Antoine Vanner  

Naval adventure in the Victorian Era Start the Dawlish Chronicles series with this earliest 1864 – Political folly has brought war upon Denmark. Lacking allies, the country is invaded by the forces of military superpowers Prussia and Austria. Cut off from the main Danish Army, and refusing to use the word ‘retreat’, a resolute commander withdraws northwards. Harried by Austrian … Read More

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Bullets, Blades & Badges: Adventures of an Adrenaline Junkie

by D. L. Curtis  

Bullets, Blades, and Badges is a poignant memoir that gives intimate insight into the life of a high school dropout who went on to retire from the U.S. army as a decorated Vietnam veteran, a Chief Warrant Officer, paratrooper, and combat helicopter pilot. If that were not enough for this adrenaline junkie, he followed that with a second career and … Read More

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Bound by Family (Ravage MC #6): A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bound #1)

by Ryan Michele  

~This was an exhilarating, angsty, suspenseful, and heartfelt journey. The Ravage MC is an amazing family of men and women who would do anything to protect each other. I love the family dynamics. ~A.Fernandez Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings the next generation of the Ravage MC in a thrilling chance encounter romance. Family loyalty … Read More

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Tempt Me (The Wolf Hotel Book 1)

by K.A. Tucker  

Tempt Me is the first book in the highly addictive forbidden romance The Wolf Hotel series I ran from home to escape heartbreak, only to deliver myself into the hands of a wolf. Henry Wolf, that is. Heir to a luxury hotel chain. Infamous playboy. Arrogant bastard. And my new boss. Why he wants me, Abbi Mitchell—a girl who lacks … Read More

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The Little Board Game Cafe: the ultimate feel-good debut romance perfect for fans of Jessica Redland

by Jennifer Page  

‘An absolute delight from the very first page to the delicious end!’ Faith Hogan ‘A wonderful read to curl up with. Cosy and comforting. I really enjoyed it!’ Heidi Swain An irresistible story of love, friendship and the power of Games Night, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Christie Barlow. When Emily loses her job, house and boyfriend all … Read More

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Brass Vows (The Gabriel Wolfe Thrillers Book 13)

by Andy Maslen  

“How could you betray me, Boss?” Almost out of ammunition, but not resolve, the Department operative is pinned down by Taliban fighters deep in the barren terrain outside Kandahar. He swears that if he escapes this firefight he will visit vengeance on the man who betrayed him … at the top of his own organisation. Then a grenade lands at … Read More

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Gluten-Free Murder (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 1)

by P.D. Workman  

From USA Today Bestselling Author, P.D. Workman! Murder by muffin Erin Price moves to Bald Eagle Falls, a place where everyone knows everyone as well as everyone else’s business, taking over the store left to her by her aunt to start up a gluten-free bakery. The grand opening is marred by just one thing, the death of her business rival, … Read More

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The Heart Ladder: A Suspenseful Psychological Thriller With a Genre-bending Twist

by Sibby Spencer  

As the war in Vietnam stutters to a close, a heavily pregnant Faith flees America for a new life in England. Leaving behind everything she knew, including the mystery of what happened to the father of her unborn child after he went missing behind enemy lines. Three decades on and her son, thirty-something slacker Dan, knows he’s wasting his life … Read More

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The Choices I’ve Made (By The Bay Book 1)

by J.L. Berg  

High school sweethearts reunite in this heartfelt second-chance romance. Twelve years ago, he drove away with my heart in his hands. I’ve moved on since then. Or so I thought. Growing up in a small town, there weren’t many options when it came to friends. But, even in a sea of a million, I’d always choose Jake Jameson. He made … Read More

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Legions of Orion (Star Crusades Nexus Book 1)

by Michael G. Thomas  

Legions of Orion is the first book in the epic new series set in the Star Crusades universe that chronicles humanity’s first steps away from Alpha Centauri and beyond. A chance discovery on the jungle world of Hyperion leads Alliance scientists on a path to creating a permanent spacebridge to the distant Orion Nebula. In a matter of days, great … Read More

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Devil in the Detail: An unputdownable gripping Scottish Detective Mystery (Police Scotland Crime Series Book 3)

by Ed James  

A missing schoolgirl. A haunted detective. An enthralling mystery. When the body of Mandy Gibson, a young disabled girl, turns up in the affluent East Lothian town of Garleton, DC Scott Cullen finds himself caught in the cross-fire of competitive police politics. The heartbroken parents don’t hesitate to point the finger of suspicion at young Jamie Cook, a tearaway teen … Read More

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Catastrophic: A Thriller

by Dustin Stevens  

College phenom running back Tyler Bentley is the ultimate success story. The son of a single mother from a wayward stretch of highway in Western Wyoming, he heads to Midwestern football powerhouse Ohio Tech and becomes a star, MVP of the Centennial Bowl, runner-up to the Heisman Trophy. He is also the ultimate fall from grace story when a freak … Read More

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Kinetic Strike (Drop Trooper Book 2)

by Rick Partlow  

The war made him a hero.  Now the Marines need him to be a leader. Cam Alvarez is a Drop-Trooper. A warrior-knight wrapped in the futuristic armor of a high-tech battlesuit, and he’s one of the best.  When he’s promoted to sergeant and asked to become a leader, he faces a whole new challenge.  The Marines are striking deep into … Read More

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Gray Wolf Mate: League Of Gallize Shifters

by Dianna Love  

“The first chapter grabbed my attention, and I couldn’t read fast enough…” Goodreads review A heart-gripping second-chance romance in New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love’s exciting shifter series. Cole fell in love in college as a human then vanished through no fault of his own. Seven years later, he’s back, changed, and facing an ancient curse that is driving his … Read More

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The Women of Chateau Lafayette

by Stephanie Dray  

The USA Today Bestseller! Recommended by Oprah Magazine ∙ Cosmo∙ PopSugar∙ SheReads ∙ Parade ∙ and more! An epic saga from New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Dray based on the true story of an extraordinary castle in the heart of France and the remarkable women bound by its legacy.   Most castles are protected by men. This one by … Read More

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by John Varley  

A “rollicking, bittersweet tale of time travel and ecology” from the Nebula and Hugo Award–winning author of the Gaea Trilogy (Publishers Weekly, starred review).   “H. G. Wells meets Jurassic Park” in this novel about a multibillionaire, a time machine, and a baby woolly mammoth named Little Fuzzy (The Best Reviews).   The discovery of a perfectly preserved frozen mammoth … Read More

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Modern Girls

by Jennifer S. Brown  

A dazzling debut novel set in New York City’s Jewish immigrant community in 1935…   How was it that out of all the girls in the office, I was the one to find myself in this situation? This didn’t happen to nice Jewish girls.   In 1935, Dottie Krasinsky is the epitome of the modern girl. A bookkeeper in Midtown … Read More

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Mystery: A shocking, thrilling psychological crime novel (Alex Delaware Book 26)

by Jonathan Kellerman  

Mystery surrounds her wherever she goes… In Mystery, psychologist Alex Delaware becomes personally involved in a dark and mysterious crime. A haunting thriller from New York Times No 1 bestseller Jonathan Kellerman, perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and David Baldacci. ‘Jonathan Kellerman’s psychology skills and dark imagination are a potent literary mix’ – Los Angeles Times In a glamorous … Read More

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