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Peace from Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through

by Iyanla Vanzant  

How do you find your way through the broken pieces and the pain to peace? In this honest and searching book, New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant recounts the last decade of her profoundly human journey and shares her own hard lessons to inspire you to put your personal puzzle back together. Part metaphorical teaching story, part wrenching personal … Read More

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Countdown (Reality Benders Book #1) LitRPG Series

by Michael Atamanov  

The next book of the series! External Threat (Reality Benders Book #2) LitRPG Series: At long last, an extraterrestrial civilization reached out and made the First Contact. However, no one on Earth took their communique for the genuine article. In a similar vein, very few people appreciated just how little time our new suzerains had promised to keep our … Read More

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Highlander’s Lionheart: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Beasts Of The Highlands Book 1)

by Alisa Adams  

Freedom or duty? Which would you choose? Four Scots orphans flee their home of Castle Fionnaghall to escape the wicked schemes of their mad uncle…. The eldest sister, Godet Ross, believes their best chance of survival lies in her childhood betrothal to the neighbouring Laird’s son — Gordon MacDonnell. A sudden spark ignites when their eyes meet! Since youth, Godet … Read More

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Sins of the Heart: A dark fantasy romance (The Sins Series Book 1)

by Eve Silver  

★★★★★ “Thrilling, dark, exciting” A murdered demigod. A powerful soul reaper bent on his resurrection. A woman determined to stop him at any cost. Demigod Dagan Krayl hungers for the impossible—resurrecting his murdered brother, a quest that defies the rules of the Underworld and threatens to unleash a world-ending war. Blood drinker Roxy Tam is hell-bent on stopping him, willing … Read More

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by Steven F. Freeman  

No need to visit the ocean. The ocean is coming to visit you… Deep in the Atlantic, the ocean floor is shifting, changing in ways unseen for millions of years. The tectonic movement launches a pair of tsunamis on North America’s East Coast, killing thousands and flooding Washington, D.C. A small band of scientists fears the possibility of another disaster. … Read More

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The Sin of Saints: The Benevolence & Blood Series

by Lauren M Leasure  

For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Raven Kennedy… Growing up in Eserene’s slums, Petra’s life is marred by unimaginable tragedy. Things finally begin to look up when she meets Calomyr, member of the Royal Guard and keeper of just as much heartache as Petra. Once again, though, her life is upended when her mother remarries a … Read More

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Sober On A Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol. The Unexpected Shortcut to Finding Happiness, Health and Financial Freedom (Quit Lit Sobriety Series)

by Sean Alexander  

What are the most mind-blowing transformations from giving up alcohol that everyone should know about? And why everyone can benefit from sobriety – whether you’re a binge drinker, social drinker or everyday drinker. Sean Alexander cuts through the drunken haze in the international bestseller Sober On A Drunk Planet – Giving Up Alcohol to provide hard-hitting facts, which elegantly combines … Read More

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Runaway: Surviving against all the odds

by Emily MacKenzie  

The Sunday Times Bestseller “It was as if Pandora’s Box had been opened. The course of my life changed and in one moment, I went from being a cherished child to an abused child. I was marked.” Adopted at birth in 1956, Emily enjoyed a golden childhood, until at age seven, her mother began to see her as a rival … Read More

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NIGHT TERROR: A Genetics Investigation Team Thriller

by Russ Tilton  

Isolated on a remote river. Hunted by weaponized animals. Will anyone make it out alive? It had been a rough five years for Memphis Police Officer Jake Jessup. Blaming himself for the death of two partners, a divorce, and almost losing his job, the three-day canoe and kayak trip in the Ozarks sounded like the perfect way to reconnect with … Read More

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The Bag Lady, The Boat Bum and The West Side King (The Jackson Blackhawk Series Book 3)

by Sam Lee Jackson  

Captain Mendoza has a problem. In his effort to stop the Phoenix opioid epidemic he has Detective First Grade Boyce posing as a homeless bag lady, surveilling Cicero Paz and his band of drug dealing killers. But things are getting more and more dangerous and he needs someone who can infiltrate the gang, and protect his best detective. Someone who … Read More

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Purrfect Trap (The Mysteries of Max Book 15)

by Nic Saint  

Kill or Cure Life had been going swimmingly, as life usually does in Hampton Cove, when suddenly disaster struck. Odelia had scheduled a surprise visit to Vena Aleman. Vena is our local vet, and a master at inflicting pain and suffering. And as it happens she was about to have a field day, for I’d been troubled by a toothache, … Read More

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The Girl Before You: The gripping psychological thriller

by Nicola Rayner  

‘So addictive, it should come with a health warning’ Observer She was his. She was perfect. And then, she was gone. If you liked My Lovely Wife, you’ll love this. Alice has always been haunted by the women from her husband’s past. As a politician and now a TV personality, George Bell’s reputation as a ladies’ man precedes him. But … Read More

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Beach Front Hunt (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book 8)

by CeeCee James  

“One of my favorite series!” “Loved this book!” Life is good for Stella O’Neil. She’s found her mother at last and is finally getting a chance to get to know her after 20 years apart. She’s also just landed the listing of a lifetime! Trouble always seems to find Stella though and this time it feels personal. When she goes … Read More

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Courting Justice (Madaris Family Saga, Book 11) (Madaris Family Series 18)

by Brenda Jackson  

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Winning a high-profile case has given a huge boost to New York attorney DeAngelo Di Meglio’s career–and his love life. Too bad fame hasn’t helped him win the woman he’s been infatuated with for years. Tired of waiting and wondering, Angelo books a trip to the singles-only Bahamas resort where Peyton Mahoney is celebrating her thirtieth birthday. And just as … Read More

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Loving Julia

by Karen Robards  

Seventeen-year-old Jewel Combs is not a lady. She is a guttersnipe living hand-to-mouth on London’s mean streets when she meets a dying man who marries her to spite his aristocratic family. Cold, aloof, breathtakingly handsome, Sebastian, Earl of Moorland, is the head of that family, and when widowed Jewel belligerently presents herself to him as his newest relative his inclination … Read More

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Petteril’s Thief (Lord Petteril Mysteries Book 1)

by Mary Lancaster  

A missing family heirloom – and one of the family stole it. In the spring of 1812, Piers Withan is dragged from his beloved Oxford to be the new Viscount Petteril. Burdened by responsibilities he doesn’t want and the remnants of a family who don’t want him, he is saved from an irredeemable mistake by Ape, the small thief burgling … Read More

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The Ex-Wives: An absolutely addictive and gripping psychological thriller

by Jenna Kernan  

My daughter’s golden-brown curls bounce before her wide green eyes. She laughs and warmth spreads into my cheeks. But my smile freezes as my heart turns to ice. My husband’s exes say this perfect life is a lie. My darling Phoebe, what if you’re in danger, and it’s all because of me? As I carefully pull a batch of my … Read More

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The Deadly Hours

by Susanna Kearsley  

“Charming… Four interconnected visits to a world of danger, wit, beauty and genuine romance. Treat yourself!”—ANNE PERRY, internationally bestselling author A stellar line-up of historical mystery novelists weaves the tale of a priceless and cursed gold watch as it passes through time wreaking havoc from one owner to another. As the hours and years pass, the characters are irrevocably linked … Read More

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Kristin Lavransdatter: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (The Kristin Lavransdatter Trilogy)

by Sigrid Undset  

“[Sigrid Undset] should be the next Elena Ferrante.” —Slate The turbulent historical masterpiece of Norway’s literary master   In her great historical epic Kristin Lavransdatter, set in fourteenth-century Norway, Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset tells the life story of one passionate and headstrong woman. Painting a richly detailed backdrop, Undset immerses readers in the day-to-day life, social conventions, and political and religious … Read More

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Reluctant Hero: A 9/11 Survivor Speaks Out About That Unthinkable Day, What He’s Learned, How He’s Struggled, and What No One Should Ever Forget

by Michael Benfante  

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Michael Benfante went to work, just like he had day after day, at his office on eighty-first floor in the World Trade Center North Tower. Moments after the first plane struck, just twelve floors above him, Benfante organized his terrified employees, getting them out the office and moving down the stairwells. On his way down, … Read More

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The Marriage List (The Worthington Brides)

by Ella Quinn  

For fans of Bridgerton and lovers of sexy, sparkling Regency romance, USA Today bestselling author Ella Quinn presents a delightful new trilogy set in the reader-favorite world of Regency England’s beloved extended family, The Worthingtons, returning in this first sparkling tale for fans of Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James, and Tessa Dare. As part of a large, rambunctious family, Lady Eleanor … Read More

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The Master: The Brilliant Career of Roger Federer

by Christopher Clarey  

Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever sportspeople, Roger Federer is a global phenomenon. From his humble beginnings as a temperamental teenager to becoming symbol of enduring greatness, The Master is the definitive biography of a global icon who is both beloved and yet intensely private. But his path from temperamental, bleach-blond teenager with dubious style sense to one … Read More

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Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever

by Jack McCallum  

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   Acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team. As a writer for Sports Illustrated, McCallum enjoyed a courtside seat for the most exciting basketball spectacle on earth, covering the Dream Team from its inception to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona. … Read More

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