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The Waratah Inn

by Lilly Mirren  

Kate’s inherited an inn, but it’s holding onto secrets that could tear her family apart. When Kate returns to sleepy Cabarita Beach for her grandmother’s funeral, she comes face to face with her two estranged sisters. After their parents died they each left home as soon as possible to pursue their careers, but now they’re drawn back to the only … Read More

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His to Protect: A Fated Mates Paranormal Shifter Romance (Bears of Grizzly Ridge Book 1)

by Elena Aitken  

Every Shifter has a mate. She’s his. Now all he has to do is convince her that what they have between them is more than lust—much more. When Harper’s life begins a death spiral, she does what any self respecting woman would do—she heads for the mountains. More specifically, Grizzly Ridge. A brand new—and very remote—lodge in the wilds of … Read More

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The Art of Dying: A Ray Hanley Crime Thriller (Ray Hanley Crime Thrillers)

by Derik Cavignano  

A CRIME THRILLER REMINISCENT OF THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS AND THE DEPARTED When the bizarre death of a mob foot soldier sparks an escalating war between Boston’s Irish and Italian mafia, Detective Ray Hanley’s relentless search for the truth uncovers evidence of a serial killer obsessed with the art of human suffering. As the body count rises, Detective Hanley … Read More

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Compel Me: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance (The Last Vocari Book 1)

by Elena Lawson  

I go by Rose. But don’t let the delicate name fool you—I’m all thorns… The polished metal stakes strapped to my thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires I’ve lost count. And after five years I still haven’t found him—the vamp with one blue eye and one brown. The one who slaughtered my mother and left me, a … Read More

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Coyote’s Regret (Manny Rivera Mystery Series Book 8)

by Rich Curtin  

MATTHEW AND WILMA Mason, a married couple from San Francisco on a driving tour of southwest national parks, are found shot to death in the remote and rugged backcountry of southeast Utah. A revolver clutched in Matthew’s hand suggests a murder-suicide, but Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera thinks otherwise. In his mind, there are too many unanswered questions. Why had the … Read More

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Dying to Forget (The Station Book 1)

by Trish Marie Dawson  

For some, the day you die is only the beginning. The Station books are part of a YA/NA Fantasy series that follow teenage anti-heroine, Piper Willow, after she dies and wakes up in the afterlife at a place called the Station, and is offered redemption – in the form of a job. After Piper dies, she gets two choices: enter … Read More

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The Merging (Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department: Unleashed Book 1)

by John P. Logsdon  

A set of naughty ubernaturals, a demon-powered mage, and a wealthy amalgamite playboy who is far more than he seems. As the chief of the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department (PPD), Ian Dex has seen his fair share of crazy supernatural oddities in Sin City, but when a new breed of supernaturals arrives on the scene, even Ian is taken … Read More

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Murder on the White Cliffs: A Cozy Historical Murder Mystery (The Posie Parker Mystery Series Book 8)

by L.B. Hathaway  

You can hunt. But do you really want to find? Bonfire Night, November 1924 Posie Parker once failed a client. And now that client is dead. Elsie Moncreiff, a Housekeeper, has fallen from the White Cliffs of England in a howling storm. But the question is, was it bad luck, or was it murder? Armed with just her guilty conscience … Read More

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Rescued by a Highlander (Clan Grant series Book 1)

by Keira Montclair  

First in a beloved multi-generational saga of two Scottish clans that spans over thirty books. An abused woman. A fierce Highlander. Is he strong enough to battle the demons threatening to destroy her? Madeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother’s cruelty ever since her parents’ death in a fire two years ago. Forced into a betrothal to a … Read More

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The Girl Nobody Wants: A Shocking True Story of Child Abuse in Ireland: Her story is one of resilience, survival, and enduring emotional scars

by Lily O'Brien  

“The Girl Nobody Wants” is a gripping and poignant book that delves into the harrowing reality of child abuse. Lily O’Brien, courageously shares her own tragic experiences’ shedding light on the dark corners of her past. The Girl Nobody Wants is a Shocking True Story of Child Abuse in Ireland. On my 40th birthday, I stand before the mirror a … Read More

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Emergency Shift (Full Moon Medic Book 1)

by Daniel Potter  

Never promise a fey anything. With magic leaking back into our world, working the nightshift as a paramedic comes with danger. But I handle it. I’ve got a shotgun for the zombies and my lycanthropic rage hasn’t escaped my apartment. Life is normal-ish. All that changes when I’m called to help a dying fey knight and I make a promise. … Read More

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How to Handle a Narcissist: Understanding and Dealing with a Range of Narcissistic Personalities (Narcissism and Emotional Abuse Toolkit: How to handle … and heal from emotional abuse Book 1)

by Theresa Jackson  

“How to Handle a Narcissist” is an expertly informed guide to help you understand, handle and heal from dealing with narcissistic people in your life. This eye-opening book gives you, the reader, clarity and awareness so that you can handle any situation involving narcissists in a healthy way. It is particularly suited to those who have been the target of … Read More

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The Moose Paradox: The outrageously funny, tense sequel to the No. 1 bestselling The Rabbit Factor

by Antti Tuomainen  

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Insurance mathematician Henri has his life under control, when a man from the past appears and a shady trio take over the adventure park’s equipment supply company … Things are messier than ever in the absurdly funny, heart-stoppingly tense second instalment in Antti Tuomainen’s bestselling series… ‘In these uncertain times, what better hero than an actuary?’ Chris Brookmyre ‘One of … Read More

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Year of the Monsoon

by Caren J. Werlinger  

Leisa Yeats has always defined herself by the things that are important to her – a good family, a loving relationship and a meaningful job working with kids. Life is good. But within a span of a few weeks, all of that changes. She’s always known she was adopted, but newly revealed lies and secrets kept by her parents make … Read More

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Fae Curse: Yew Queen Book One

by Eve A. Hunt  

This steamy portal fantasy about a modern woman and a sexy, fae lord has everything you love! When a castle full of ridiculously gorgeous immortals showed up on the ley line running through my small town outside Nashville, my life changed. Because of an ancient curse, the fae and their vampire frenemy can’t leave their castle without turning to ash, … Read More

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Season of Desire: An Age Gap, Russian Bratva Billionaires Romance (The Bratva)

by Lisa Cullen  

I turned him down… he bought the entire ballet company. I still said no… he blew hundreds of thousands on a night out for everyone. I gave into my lust… and he got me pregnant. His name is Alexei Federov and he is a mafia kingpin. When he sees me dancing in a ballet performance, he forces his way into … Read More

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Starship Lost

by Craig Martelle  

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Lost in space for a generation, they return to reclaim their homeworld. The ship survived, but over time the original crew died out. Their children were left to continue the fight for their home against their sworn enemy, the vicious alien Malibor. They’ve lived their whole lives in space. Their idea of heaven is open air, blue skies, and the … Read More

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Knowing God Intimately: Being as Close to Him as You Want to Be

by Joyce Meyer  

If you are looking for God, or if you are a believer who feels something is missing, Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, wants to show you how to achieve the profound joy that comes from a truly intimate relationship with God. Using Scripture and powerful real-life examples, Joyce reveals practical ways that you can increase your level … Read More

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Five Years

by Brooklyn Knight  

Maverick I know it’s not right to want her as much as I do. In fact, it makes absolutely no sense. Our relationship is strictly professional and I get that. She’s my therapist, for Christ’s sake; but I can’t help but think she’s everything I’ve ever needed. She says the way she treats me is part of her job and … Read More

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Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That keep you Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life’s Unique Purpose

by Mastin Kipp  

Has your vision board turned into just wishful thinking? Do you believe in the power of intention and goal setting, but are losing self-respect because you aren’t following through? Do you feel completely stuck in life? If things haven’t been going the way you’ve planned, know this: Everything changes the moment you discover your life’s unique Purpose. Success, love, abundance, … Read More

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The Duchess of Love

by Sally MacKenzie  

From the author of the bestselling Regency romance trilogy about three brothers comes a novella about how their matchmaking mother found love. The day was as hot as the pond was inviting. It’s not as if anyone in Little Huffington was going to happen upon a secluded vale on the Duke of Greycliffe’s lands. And Venus Collingswood didn’t want to … Read More

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Murder in the Smithsonian (Capital Crimes)

by Margaret Truman  

In a mystery replete with “nonstop action and a brilliantly evocative setting,” a noted historian is murdered at the National Museum of Art (Booklist).   Dr. Lewis Tunney, a brilliant historian who had stumbled onto an international art scandal, was brutally murdered in front of two hundred guests at an elegant party at the Smithsonian.   Taking the case, DC … Read More

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Closing Time: The True Story of the “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” Murder

by Lacey Fosburgh  

The real story behind the murder of a Manhattan schoolteacher that became a symbol of the dangers of casual sex: “A first-rate achievement” (Truman Capote). In 1973, Roseann Quinn, an Irish-Catholic teacher at a school for deaf children, was killed in New York City after bringing a man home to her apartment from an Upper West Side pub. The crime … Read More

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Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror

by Michael V. Hayden  

An unprecedented high-level master narrative of America’s intelligence wars, demonstrating in a time of new threats that espionage and the search for facts are essential to our democracy   For General Michael Hayden, playing to the edge means playing so close to the line that you get chalk dust on your cleats. Otherwise, by playing back, you may protect yourself, but … Read More

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Sunburn: The unofficial history of the Sun newspaper in 99 headlines

by James Felton  

JAMES FELTON’S “ASSHOLES” IS OUT NOW ‘An astonishing piece of work’ James O’Brien ‘This book was a delight. Funny, scathing and witty’ Ian Dunt You should buy this book if: a) you dislike the Sun, but have never actually read it to know why and/or b) you’re still not sure how we got into this mess. Using his famed on-the-nose … Read More

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