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Uganda Be Kidding Me

by Chelsea Handler  

In this uproarious collection of travel essays, Chelsea Handler sneaks her sharp wit through airport security and delivers her most absurd and hilarious stories ever. On safari in Africa, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s more dangerous: the wildlife or Chelsea. But whether she’s fumbling the seduction of a guide by not knowing where tigers live (Asia, duh) or wearing … Read More

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Dinner And A Murder: The 3rd Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

by Nancy Skopin  

Dinner & A Murder is the third book in a mystery series featuring Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter, a Private Investigator specializing in covert bar and restaurant surveillance. After surviving two attempts on her life, Nikki decides to do something normal for a change and attend her high school reunion. While there she becomes reacquainted with an old flame, Paul Marks, who … Read More

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Pretty Little Thing: A Single Mom Romance (Central Valley U)

by LK Farlow  

ORION I’m torn between two women… They’re as different as night and day, yet I want them both. Frankie, the sensitive, single mom. Watching her care for her son damn near has me ready to give up my bachelor lifestyle. Then there’s my Bluebird, the stripper who’s captivated me since the moment I laid eyes on her. One woman is … Read More

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Altered (Justin Wright Suspense Series – Book 1): A psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end!

by Rob Kaufman  

2023 WINNER OF “READER’S FAVORITE” PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER SILVER AWARD _____________________________________________________________________________ WHEN FRANK DEVLIN WALKS INTO JUSTIN WRIGHT’S OFFICE, the renowned New York City clinical psychiatrist makes the decision to take on one of the most challenging cases of his career. Justin is determined to help Frank, a young man with multiple personalities (“alters”), live a happier, more fulfilling life. Little … Read More

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Green Lake

by S.K. Epperson  

The suicide of Madeleine Heron’s husband leaves her at her sister’s lake house for the summer, until she can ‘sort things out’ for herself and find a new direction, but life in the lake community is anything but conducive to calm. Right away a three year old girl goes missing from the dam, Madeleine is nearly assaulted when her truck … Read More

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Cassius (The Wildflower Series Book 3)

by Rachelle Mills  

Cassius Denver Valentine lost his mate… Now he thinks he’s a monster. I just think he’s broken. There’s old blood on his hands and despite his efforts, it sticks to him like a second skin. I see the blood, but more so…I see him. And for some reason, he doesn’t hide from me. I want to wash the blood from … Read More

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Grumpy as Puck (Blue Ridge Mountain Hockey Book 1)

by Elizabeth Lynx  

The first book in a new romantic comedy series by USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Lynx about a hockey player who was anything but nice. When he needed the help of his teammate’s sister, the sweet-as-pie local veterinarian, to save his dog, he wondered if his secret crush from the past might be more than puppy love. My teammates called … Read More

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The Thunder Lord: A Medieval Romance (Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy Book 1)

by Kathryn Le Veque  

Welcome to Book One of the bestselling de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy! Three brothers… three powerful knights… and a country in turmoil as Simon de Montfort goes head to head with King Henry. 1258 A.D. – As Henry III spends most of his time in France and focused on his French favorites, powerful English barons including Simon de Montfort begin to … Read More

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Saving Worms After the Rain: A Central Pennsylvania Novel of History and Mystery (Aspen Winkleman Mysteries Book 1)

by Paul Nelson  

Saving Worms After the Rain is a novel of Central Pennsylvania History and Mystery. A young autistic man with psychic powers is called upon to help solve a missing persons case in the small mountain town of Renfro, PA. The story includes gangsters, moonshiners and a touch of autism. The scenery of Central PA also comes into play as a … Read More

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The Beautiful and Damned (Collins Classics)

by F. Scott Fitzgerald  

From Collins Classics and the author of ‘The Great Gatsby’ comes this razor-sharp satire on the excesses of the Jazz Age From the author of The Great Gatsby, a tale of marriage and disappointment in the Roaring Twenties. Fitzgerald’s rich and detailed novel of the decadent Jazz Era follows the beautiful and vibrant Anthony Patch and his wife Gloria as … Read More

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Going Once (Forces of Nature, Book 1)

by Sharon Sala  

As raging floodwaters engulf her Louisiana hometown Nola Landry is stranded on high ground, the unwitting witness to the brutal murder of three fellow survivors. Finally rescued in the aftermath of the storm, no one is willing to believe a story as horrific as hers—until three FBI agents arrive on the scene…one of whom Nola knows very well. Tate Benton … Read More

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Disrupt (Iron Heretics MC Book 1)

by Michelle Frost  

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Being vulnerable makes you a target. Pax knows this all too well. He doesn’t want to need a hero, but the green-eyed biker that keeps rescuing him anyway has him sliding into dangerous territory—namely, Mace’s bed. Mace is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the St. Louis Iron Heretics MC—treading through volatile situations is all part of the job. At the end of … Read More

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Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive

by Kevin Horsley  

Kevin Horsley Broke a World Memory Record in 2013… And You’re About to Learn How to Use His Memory Strategies to Learn Faster, Be More Productive, and Achieve More Success With over 300,000 copies sold, Unlimited Memory is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and has been the #1 memory book on Amazon for more than two years. It has … Read More

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What Happened to the Bennetts

by Lisa Scottoline  

From #1 bestselling author Lisa Scottoline comes a pulse-pounding new novel. Your family has been attacked. Now you have to choose between law… and justice. Jason Bennett is a suburban dad whose life takes a horrific turn. He is driving his family home when a pickup truck begins tailgating them. Suddenly two men jump from the pickup and pull guns … Read More

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Kiss of Darkness: A Dark Paranormal Romance (Curse of the Guardians Book 1)

by Taylor Aston White  

USA Today bestselling author Taylor Aston White brings you this newly addictive Dark Paranormal Romance. He despises her… almost as much as his beast craves her. Kyra’s seen and survived the worst things imaginable, all because of the magic she was born with. Trapped by her secret, she has no choice but to serve Councilman Gallagher or risk everything she … Read More

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On the Scent: A laugh out loud pet detective rom com! (The Psychic Detective, Book 1) (The Psychic Detectives Series)

by Angela Campbell  

The USA TODAY bestseller! ‘Campbell has a snarky sense of humor’ USA Today’s Happy Ever After Book 1 in The Psychic Detectives series Hannah Dawson has a big problem: she’s just become the unexpected owner of a snarky cat, a loveable but not-so-bright dog… and their $10 million fortune! Which would be awesome if it hadn’t made her the target … Read More

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Free to Breathe (Amaryllis Series Book 3)

by Tracey Jerald  

From the author of the Amaryllis Series, Midas Series, Devotion Series, and Glacier Adventure Series: Baker Corinna Freeman cut all ties with Colby Hunt when she learned what the handsome military officer really thought about her and her cooking skills. She walked away; heartbroken, pride in tatters, keeping secrets she was far too young to shoulder. Now, a decade later, … Read More

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MURDER ON VANCOUVER ISLAND: Hatred, prejudice, or a heinous crime without motive? (Detective William Gibson Book 1)


The peace of a frosty morning is shattered when a man finds a colleague’s battered body. Vancouver Island detective William Gibson investigates… The victim is found by a maintenance worker on the university campus. Despite being brutally murdered, there is a little other evidence; just a blood-spattered baseball bat and a condom placed under the body. When the police discover … Read More

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All the Forgivenesses

by Elizabeth Hardinger  

Set in Appalachia and the Midwest at the turn of the twentieth century, this exquisite debut novel paints an intimate portrait of one resilient farm family’s challenges and hard-won triumphs—helmed by an unforgettable heroine.   Growing up on their hardscrabble farm in rural Kentucky, fifteen-year-old Albertina “Bertie” Winslow has learned a lot from her mama, Polly. She knows how to lance … Read More

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Fellowship of Fear (The Gideon Oliver Mysteries Book 1)

by Aaron Elkins  

First in the Edgar Award–winning series “that never disappoints,” featuring the forensic anthropologist known as the Skeleton Detective (The Philadelphia Inquirer). When anthropology professor Gideon Oliver is offered a teaching fellowship at US military bases in Germany, Sicily, Spain, and Holland, he wastes no time accepting. Stimulating courses to teach, a decent stipend, all expenses paid, plenty of interesting European … Read More

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The Pot Thief Who Studied Edward Abbey (The Pot Thief Mysteries Book 8)

by J. Michael Orenduff  

The pot thief is going back to school, but someone on campus is trying for a different kind of degree—murder in the first—in this “smartly funny series” (Anne Hillerman).   Before making a somewhat notorious name for himself as a salvager of antiquated pottery and other desert artifacts, Hubie Schuze was an eager student at the University of New Mexico—right … Read More

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The Wandering Fire: Book Two of the The Fionavar Tapestry

by Guy Gavriel Kay  

As the evil of Rakoth Maugrim threatens the very existence of Fionavar, the five from our own world must cross over once again to play out their given roles: Kimberly to summon the dead from their rest and the undead to their doom; Dave to take his place in battle among the Dalrei of the Plain; Paul, Lord of the … Read More

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The Third Door: The Mindset of Success

by Alex Banayan  

FORBES #1 CAREER BOOK TO READ IN 2018 The larger-than-life journey of an 18-year-old college freshman who set out from his dorm room to track down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, and dozens more of the world’s most successful people to uncover how they broke through and launched their careers. The Third Door takes readers on an unprecedented adventure—from hacking Warren … Read More

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